Can’t be fussed about anything

bo chap is ze middle name

harpie bird-day two mi April 1, 2007

(that’s my msn nick hahaha)

Yes, once again… I’m one year older and well, frankly it’s not really my best birthday. Then again, I dread my birthdays, not because it’s on the First of April, but well, bad things always happen on my birthday. *shrug*

Anyway just a shoutout to all those who have sms-ed, msn-ed and called me. I’lll talk about the SMSes soon, but yeah, for those who have called me, especially from overseas, thanks so damn much – I feel the LURVE! People like… Persis, Humpa (Bryan), Kee Kee, and those in Singapore like Keith, Lai, Alvin, Aaron, Karen…Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedules to call me. I love you all sooooo much 🙂

Also, for those who have MSN-ed me. Friends like Zac, Pseudo bf (Rongyang), Jemie, Christie, Susu… Thanks for the MSN msgs…Love you guys toooooo!

Oh oh, one last thing…a big thank you for the treats the past few days… People like

1)Weiliang, Yvonne, Joel (who bought me a small little cute cake on Friday),

2) My former MD (Terence) who bought me drinks on Friday,

3) KAREN ONG GEOK PEI my bestie who bought me dinner (Crystal Jade) and who watched me cry…

4) Thanks to Nielle who bought me a nice Lacoste Bag (it’s in a nice RED….I’m soooo in love with the bag, it’s cute!), and oh oh…

5) I would like to thank Kenneth for the ring (it’s nice). It’s pretty and I’ve always wanted one!

6) Thanks to my great girlies from work, who bought me dinner for my birthday – I love you three: Avril, Gerri and Juls!

7) My cell group members who bought me a nice book and a cake. Since I’ve the time to read it…I shall do so soon!

8) My parents for the nice meal today!

Well… I’ve no work tomorrow so that means I can afford to sleep late. More about that soon… 🙂 So…that means I can type out my email to my MD, well former MD since I’ve left the company already (I’m officially unemployed), and watch UGLY BETTY. WHeeeee!

Once again, for now, thanks for the MSN msgs, the gifts, the SMSes. Well this is really Love, to me…thanks for showering care and concern unconditionally, even though sometimes I’m a bitch and I probably don’t deserve it…I love you guys so damn much!

Part 2…to be continued!


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