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Oosters Dinner with my Dearlings! April 4, 2007

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Well…it was long overdue but we decided to celebrate our dear Gerri’s birthday. This was on the 20th March 2007 – a day after I tendered my resignation (if I remember correctly). This was also the day we met my former boss there as well. So many things happened after that. Sigh.

Oosters le gals A good celebration, well a quiet evening, just the 3 of us.

Caesar Salad (wth chicken strips)
Mussels with spicy tomatoe baseTasty balls These were the mains we had. Actually out of the 3, one was actually a main – the rest were sides. It was filling nonetheless, for me at least – I was stuffing myself silly while the girls indulge in chatting, yes I’m a pig. The food wasn’t too bad. The balls were quite yummy (quit thinking dirty). It’s a tomatoe base, like our mussels. The mussels were a little disappointing. Oosters was the first place I actually dared try mussels, but for some reason the mussels have been disappointing of late. Even our seafood guru, Juls was really disappointed – the mussels had a certain longkang smell to it, it wasn’t just me. Anyway Oosters has quite a variety of beers and what not, too bad I’m not into beers anymore. And since I’m not working around Raffles anymore (for now), all the more I wouldn’t go there. You should try it if you’ve nothing else in mind to eat.

25 Church Street, #01-04 Capital Square Three,
Singapore 049482
Tel: 6438 3210

Yesterday I also met up with the girls. We had dinner in Little India. No prizes for what we had in Little India. Hehe It’s my third time meeting Gerri since I quit my job. I do miss her and I’m sure she misses me 🙂 Will see you soon my dear~

I need a jobbbbbb damn it! 😦 *wail*


2 Responses to “Oosters Dinner with my Dearlings!”

  1. go Says:

    miss u girls dearly .. better start comin to the gym more regularly kayes…

  2. renzi Says:

    i will try…! 🙂

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