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You calling me a Hoe? April 9, 2007

Filed under: Conversations,Disturbing — renzi @ 11:38 am

I tried calling this certain Bank (from the Netherlands) today and the response was apparantly quite overwhelming because all their hotline operators were “busy at the moment”. One thing that struck me was the following sentence –

“thank you for holding. Pls (long pause)… continue to HOE and we’ll attend to you as soon as we can”

This automated message was irritating me. I mean I am very sure the person who was hired to record the automated message is Singaporean (definitely not from the Netherlands) and after hearing the same hoe message for approximately 4 times, I gave up. It’s not because I was getting impatient, I was more irritated by the mispronounciation. Ulgh.. Kill meeeee…. It’s not HOE, it’s..HOLD!!!!!


2 Responses to “You calling me a Hoe?”

  1. The Secretary a.k.a Christy Says:

    hahahhaha well darling… thats funnny though annoying knwing that someone and actually a corporate recorded its answering machine with ~HOE~ word lol..

    wondering… if other people actually realized it lol.

  2. renzi Says:

    highly doubt so..esp in SIngapore…

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