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I met a retard yesterday April 12, 2007

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I rocked down to Oosh last night for its grand opening and had quite a good time, stuffing my face silly with finger food (it’s quite yummy actually, especially the pizza… i mean the food is MUCH better than Wala Walas), using my eagle eye to spot celebrities and drinking. Being the camera whore, I wanted to take a photo with Jon and his colleagues, so I scanned around and decided to ask the waiter this very simple question…”Sorry… do you mind helping us take a photo pls?” and guess what? This waiter hesitantly and reluctantly replied

I dunno how to take photos.”

And walked away… I was pretty stunned and amused. Even my silly brother could take photos when he was 4,5 years old. Sheesh.

Looks like I’m not the only one who’s a retard here 😉


One Response to “I met a retard yesterday”

  1. […] After the performance, the 4 of us (just the girls) decided to go to P.S Cafe (in Demsey) but unfortunately it was closed. So Mr Ah-Mad-aka-Gerri’s-boyfriend (Pat), dropped us off at Oosh, where we had a drink and snacks. Yes, it was my first and only time before the official launch (where the stupid waiter had to reveal to me…he couldn’t *GASP* take photos) […]

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