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The day I became a Zuo Bo-er April 13, 2007

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I’m still finding the right word/phrase in English for a Zuo Bo-er. I thought of “Vagrant”, “Lost Soul” but I reckon the right word that encapsulates the meaning of a Zuo Bo-er would be a bum. *shrug*

Esplanade Anyway 31st of March was my day of freedom and well, what better thing to do than…watchin the Phantom of the Opera. 🙂 I went with Gerri, her boy and their friends. Maybe I had to high an expectation for it but I walked out feeling dissatisfied. Of course I must say that the female lead’s voice is very good and she could really sing and at some points of time, made my hair stand; however most of the time I guess it felt like they were merely going through the motion of the musical. Perhaps they’ve been already so used to performing that it’s just another-*groan* performance. Perhaps.

After the performance, the 4 of us (just the girls) decided to go to P.S Cafe (in Demsey) but unfortunately it was closed. So Mr Ah-Mad-aka-Gerri’s-boyfriend (Pat), dropped us off at Oosh, where we had a drink and snacks. Yes, it was my first and only time before the official launch (where the stupid waiter had to reveal to me…he couldn’t *GASP* take photos)

Cajun Calamari Cajun Calamari (S$8) was one of our dishes. It wasn’t too bad. The curry sauce that accompanied it could be more spicy. This curry sauce is…well…very western (ie sweet).

Seafood Mania Pizza ahhh… the Seafood Mania Pizza (S$18) was good. And I must add that… all the Pizzas are actually good. I tried two others the other day at the launch. Yummmm.

Tofu Fritters The Tofu Fritters (S$7) were just…tofu. What else can I say about tofu? The sauce was a combination of sweet thai chilli sauce and peanut (satay) sauce. Alright…but I wouldn’t waste my money on it again. I could do this at home!

Smoked Duck Salad This was my favourite – Smoked Duck Salad (S$10). It’s like heaven. It could be because of my love for duck but my incline towards this salad’s not only because of the duck. The sauce was light and tangy – very suitable for Salads. AND it’s a sweet, sourish tinge to the sauce which gives you some sorta lift when you eat it. 🙂 And yeah…among the “recommendations” that were given to us (we tried all 4 namely the Pluck Me (mojitos), High on Grass, Oosh Carat and Oosh Me), the High on Grass came up tops – all 4 of us thought it was the best cocktail.

We had fun! We had fun!

And on the 11th of April (just a few days ago), I went for Oosh’s official launch. There were SOOOOOOO many people there and I only managed to see only 1 star (if he’s even counted). But the food was good, the music brought me back to my mambo days, and it was a really good place to just chill (and chick/hunk-watch I might add)

The only decent photo I can find The guy who brought me in – thanks Jon for inviting me! 🙂

Jon's ColleaguesHis colleagues again Photos taken with Jon’s Colleagues.

But but... Classic “but…buttttt….” helpless RENZI expression hahaha… I wanted to take a photo with Jon’s Colleague but her friend appeared from nowhere and started to talk to her…oh well (nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I’m gonna eat some words)

Sigh One of the only “celebrities” I saw – HARDY, the Singapore Idol 2? 😦 damn it…to me he’s not even considered a celebrity…Anyway the guy on the extreme left is supposedly an actor, he’s on Channel 5 now (After Hours). *shrug* Oh oh..I did see Ix Shen and his other half but that’s about it…Damn it!

Goodie bag!Goodie bag!Goodie bag! Yeah…we got a very interesting goodie bag – yeah, looks innocent but among the 3 that I received, there’s this body wash called “re-charge black pepper body wash” – how wierd is that??

hehhee anyway Oosh is quite a good place to chill because you can practically find a setting that you like – there’s an al fresco portion of the restaurant, there’s a bar, a cellar room, a japanese outlet… 🙂 The food’s not bad…the drinks are unique…BUT The owner, Richard Goh (if I remember correctly), is a little wierd, maybe when I was talkin to him he was really high but yeah I’ve heard stories about him so yeah. Well….come before it closes down… I give it…another….5 mths 😛 hahahahah

22 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249679
Tel: 6475 0002

For more photos click here.


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