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This is my family April 14, 2007

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HOT NEWS!!!! My brother has a girlfriend whom he insists is his (i quote in his own words) “maple GF” HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA. She’s apparantly 13 and Malalysian – half english and half chinese. He even blushed when he told me. Wellllll… I tried to probe, tease and exasperate him so I really made it really difficult for him by being the pesky sister (for once).

I questioned him about the so-called girl’s identity. I mean really, you’ll never know who is it over at the other end. “She” may claim that she’s Malaysian and she’s 13 (God, she’s 13…my brother’s only 11!!! And my gosh, I had my first and ahem, I must stress, only web-boyfriend was erm..15!!! ) but…oh well. I just found my brother’s reactions really cute and amusing when i tried to disturb him and ask him more questions.

I even asked him “so do you know what english means? where do the english come from?”. The ignorant brother happily quipped “Europe!!!” Hmmm Okkkkkk..

Next question “how do you know whether she’s a girl”. He proceeded to asking the “girl” to take off her “virtual cap” in Maple Story *rolls eyes* hahahahah really, for all you know, “she” may just be a 89-year old senile grandfather in Ireland who just takes the kick out of being someone young and well, of another gender. I’m just really amused by my brother, especially when he himself exclaimed that he’s (and I must quote in his real words) “still so young la!!!!”, yet he still tried SO DAMN HARD to convince me, of all people, that “she” is a female. And and!!! He kept texting and communicating telling “her” on the web that he LURRRRRRRRRRRVEs her. HAhahahahah ..This is more amusing than watching toddlers trip!

I antagonized the brother even more by teasing mocking him about “her” and suggesting that he should invite “her” to Singapore so he can plant a wet, slobbery kiss on her baby-smooth face.

I’m probably too bored.

What possessed meeeeeee???

Anyway my dear mother said “how can she be Chinese? Malaysians are Malays and only people from China are Chinese!” OH MY GOSH, WHAT POSSESSED MY MUM TO SAY THISSSSS, especially when my former CHINESE housemates are from Malaysia? 😛

And my brother then said something that really didn’t make sense but left me almost grabbing my stomach because I almost let out a loud cackle. He said “I’m Singaporean so I’m Singaporean-ise, like how Japanese are Japanese!!!”

Yeap… that’s my quote of the day.

Hahhaa…to see this stupid silly smirk on my brother is priceless. He’s so cluelessly funny.


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