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It’s time for a Tiger April 20, 2007

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TigerTiger! Just last Thursday, I met up with my cousin and his colleagues. One of his colleagues wanted to walk her dog so…we ended up at East Coast Park. I walked with him for a while, and tricked him into running but after less than 1 min, he would pant and give up.

Tiger! The dog’s name is Tiger. (He’s far from being a tiger… i mean he’s so passive and nua…I realise most of the dogs I know are given unappropriate names) I can’t remember what its exact breed is but all I know is…Tiger’s been overfed. He’s so fat!!!!! I am quite certain I could sit on him.

Cute! Hmmm… We had to move to Maccas because it started pouring. It was quite a letdown because well…we actually wanted to walk a distance, give Tiger, well…something to do.

Owner and Tiger Tiger’s owner watching out for him

Exasperated Tiger’s refusal to do almost anything made us really tickled. Guess he was too comfortable doing what he wanted to do. 🙂 Anyway we had quite a good day. For more photos, please click here.


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