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Meetups, makeups? April 26, 2007

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Okay… i know that title was so random but oh well… As mentioned earlier, the Nittan babes always meet up. Even before I left, we often had dinners.

Like a few days before my departure of the company, the gals gave me a treat for my birthday at Chakun. And I must mention this – the food at this place is actually quite good, for the price! I always enjoy myself when I go there.

Gerri and IJuls and Avril Us – Before dinner was served.

Fried Rice I’m not really a fried rice person but this was actually quite yummy.

Duck This is one of their signature dishes and one of my FAVOURITES!!! 🙂 I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee duck!

Hor Fun When it comes to Hor Fun, you’ll see me happily eating it. You can call me a WHORE-fun 😉

TofuFried EggplantBrocolli with mushrooms

Another satisfied mealSatisfied customers We wiped up pretty much everything – we were satisfied customers 🙂 After that we just went over to coffee club to chill and chit chat.

Market Street Carpark, 146 Market Street
Tel: 6438-3510

Hmmm yeah..we did a couple more meetups but well…the camera whore (me, me, me!) didn’t bring her camera 😛 Oh well….


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