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I finally did IT. April 27, 2007

Filed under: Bimbotic moments,Myself — renzi @ 11:29 am

When it comes to doing a certain act, I have, after much contemplation, decided to do it but backed out at the very last minute. This has happened countless times. I’ve seen so many of my friends, especially girls, succumb to it after some time but still because of my strong and firm beliefs (or the lack of it), I have managed to overcome temptation and not do it. However yesterday after so much coaxing and reassurance from a special someone, I finally agreed to it. I did IT. At first it was extremely painful – it was a struggle, especially the first shot. I had to fight back my tears because it was so sacred and even people like my mother told me that if I did it , I would regret it. Thoughts, especially about my mother’s advice, kept surging through my head and it was resounding but I thought I should do it because it was then or never.

As mentioned, I allowed the special someone to well, do it, and share the experience with me. Due to the fact that we’re creatures of habit, it was hard but as the act progressed, I grew more accustomed to it. In fact, I was actually enjoying it. Finally it was over. This experience was definitely emotionally, physically and mentally tiring.

I’d like to thank that special someone for helping me overcome it. That special someone is my hairdresser – thanks for cutting my hair 🙂 I love my hair now~!


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