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Addendum April 28, 2007

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With regards to this certain entry that I posted a few days ago, I must clarify certain things.

I remember writing this “And only when I clarified things with the Managing Director (MD) did I realise that that particular arsehole (PA) was just playing games with our minds.” – OKKKAAAAaaaaaaAYYYY PA doesn’t mean the initials of someone’s name. PA was merely an acronym for “particular arsehole”… same goes for MD (ie Managing Director). Okayyy, yes I must admit that I’m a little lazy to continuously put the phrase particular arsehole so I put the shortform of the particular arsehole. I must clear the air for this (thanks sooooo damn much for highlighting this to me). Because I just realised there is actually a certain PA in the firm too (soooo sorry about that). That “particular arsehole” definitely isn’t PA. If I want to be more vicious, I would have put the initials of that particular arsehole’s name but what’s the point? šŸ™‚

There you have it.


2 Responses to “Addendum”

  1. busybody Says:

    you sure what you hear is the truth? or is it a lie?

  2. renzi Says:

    hmm… well… i’m outta there and i dun wanna make any more comments about it.

    case closed šŸ˜€

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