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The meetup, AGAIN. April 28, 2007

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The babes have been meeting up every single month, at least once a month. A couple of us meet up even more once a week. Well…I’m very glad to have met them in the very company that brought us together – we were all trainees then. Now, most of us have moved on already. 🙂 I’m a little sleepy so if whatever sentences didn’t make sense, please forgive me. The whole lot of us met up at Oosh – we chilled and well, caught up. I’m still very glad that we still meet up once in a while.

My new hairstyleGerri and CindyJuls and Avril6 of us The 6 of us were the first to arrive.

Then more joined us Then more people joined us. Hehe, which of course added to the loudness of our group. Think some patrons were quite irritated with us because we were sooooo noisy *shrug*

Avril Avril and her…well…erm…her addition condiment – I’m really trying hard not make it sound off.

Kawai! Kawai!!! Hahahaha…

A few more of us The former workers of THAT place.

Mocking me At the other end of the table, the girls were mocking me. They claimed that well, I always take photos the same way, with my head tilted to one side and beat this like some Japanese chick (posing with two fingers) but but…

hehehe ….oh well..if u can’t beat them, join them! 😉

ffoooorrr mooooreeee photos…click here!


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