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Police Officer Renzi reporting, Sir! May 18, 2007

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Sometimes when I travel I get really irritated by the commuters. Really, is it any effort to just NOT do some things that you see below? Will you just shrivel and die, or what many Singaporeans say “lose face”? We should just slap some fines to these people, for their inconsiderate, indifferent behaviour. As if Singapore isn’t small enough!

Yeah, lean your way to jail! Because of you, people around you may also lose their balance, and fall and hit their heads (and bleed to death..yeah I know I’m exaggerating)! Sir, I know you really cannot wait to tell the girl whom you met yesterday, via sms, that you miss her, but…your indifferent attitude leaves much to be desired. If you really want to practice pole-dancing, go to a real school. Don’t do it in the MRT train.

gross Firstly, is that guy actually pinching the girl’s butt (eeks, get a room!)? And gosh, I know you’re not sick, Mister because if you are you wouldn’t be pinching the girl’s…ahem! So if you aren’t sick, why are you leaning against the damn pole! And are you really that heavy? If you feel slightly heavy (and am suffering from the lack of self confidence due to it), go to the friggin gym!

ulgh Please refrain from putting your sweaty body against the whole pole. You’re not the only one using it. The poor lady had to go out of her way to reach above the whole man’s lazy flabby body.

gross! And does sitting at the outer seat of the bus ensure a faster exit out of the bus??? Oh yeah I forgot, even a second counts right? Grrr…

oops Oops, And I forgot that sometimes people pay for two seats in the MRT train.

I do have a couple more, but I can’t find it at the moment…oh well…*groan* sometimes extremely kiasu and selfish Singaporeans signal that well, we still have a long way to go. *shrug*

time to get back to work!


2 Responses to “Police Officer Renzi reporting, Sir!”

  1. Justina Says:

    Haaa..Singaporeans are like that…anyway interesting post!

  2. renzi Says:

    hahaha yeah…but well..sad to see such things constantly happening 🙂

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