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Please pray for my friend. May 21, 2007

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I know I’ve blogged about this before but guess Gabs’ condition is deteriorating. Today I received an SMS from my cousin (in Melbourne) asking me about Gabs and telling me that he’s on the brink of well, meeting the Lord… Well, here’s a message to you guys out there reading this (I sms-ed a couple of my peeps as well):

Hey guys pls take a few min to help pray for my ex cell group leader, Gabriel. He’s suffering from a rare small intesting cancer and apparantly he’s ready to be with the Lord. I’m really not sure wat or how to pray for him but do keep him in prayer. Please help me pass the msg around too. Thanks. Renee

Hmmm and David Tow messaged back and said “Will do pray for iner peace and readiness to meet his maker. Pray for God’s grace and mercy to take him home so that the suffering will end. pray for comfort for family members and loved ones”.

So yeah…please help me pray for my friend. I did implore you guys to pray for him last time. Please do continue to keep him and his family in prayer.



3 Responses to “Please pray for my friend.”

  1. Rollin Ryan Says:

    I currently do not have the site up yet. For the past 2 years I have been trying to set up something and just don’t know “what” yet.

    Do you have any ideas?


    I want a place where it’s easy for people to see many requests and to be able to request prayer as well.

    I don’t have a lot of money… none actually.. but I feel the need to do this.

    I believe the site can help many people throughout this world.

  2. Rollin Ryan Says:

    I’m sorry for the first email if it sounded like all me. I know the pain you must be going through losing a friend.

    Cancer is terrible. I lost my Mother several years ago to lung cancer.

    She prayed to God on her deathbed when I was only 10 and asked God to heal her of a female cancer. She had gotten out of her bed after she sent my Father home knowing she was going to die that night.

    She prayed God let her live to raise her two children and the new born she had hours before.

    She later testified that a bright light filled the room, a heat came over her and she was flush. She didn’t remember passing out.

    When she came to a nurse asked her how she got out of bed… she replied, “Jesus has healed me” “It’s OK, I’m going to live.” The doctors didn’t believe it… but she always gave Jesus the credit. “He” healed her! I know now that it was her faith that made her whole.

    And Live, she did. All three of her children were led to the Lord because of her and many more because of her example and dedication.

    Christmas time brings back the memory of how we took her to the hospital on Christmas Day some 20+ years ago for her last time.

    It was OK, God had granted her wish, He had healed her and let her live. Most of her prayers were answered.

    Her one other prayer I knew about was that someday our Dad would also accept God’s Grace and forgiveness.

    Please join me this year in Praying for him and others who so desperately need our prayers.

    I pray for you and your friends as well.

    Thank you for remembering me and my family also.

  3. renzi Says:

    wow…powerful testimony…i ddint’ even noe tat someone actually commented because I haven’t been checking. but thanks for sharing.

    well..will pray for your dad and may I know who u are? maybe u can email me…at

    🙂 live life…not for anything but for God 🙂

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