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You will be dearly missed, Gabs (2 Sam 1:19-27) May 28, 2007

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Gabs and I(19) The glory, O Israel, is dead on your high places! How have the great ones been made low! (20) Give no news of it in Gath, let it not be said in the streets of Ashkelon; or the daughters of the Philistines will be glad, the daughters of men without circumcision will be uplifted in joy. (21) O mountains of Gilboa, let there be no dew or rain on you, you fields of death: for there the arms of the strong have been shamed, the arms of Saul, as if he had not been marked with the holy oil. (22) From the blood of the dead, from the fat of the strong, the bow of Gabriel was not turned back, the sword of Gabriel did not come back unused. (23) Gabriel was loved and pleasing; in his life and in his death he was not parted; he went more quickly than eagles, he was stronger than lions. (24) O daughters of Israel, have sorrow for Gabriel, by whom you were delicately clothed in robes of red, with ornaments of gold on your dresses. (25) How have the great ones been made low in the fight! Gabriel is dead on your high places.

(26) I am full of grief for you, my brother Gabriel: very dear have you been to me: your love for me was a wonder, greater than the love of women. (27) How have the great ones been made low, and the arms of war broken!


3 Responses to “You will be dearly missed, Gabs (2 Sam 1:19-27)”

  1. […] I did so many stupid things in Australia, God still called me back, probably even prepared me. When Gabe passed away, it was only then…well… yeah, I just thank God. Gabe didn’t pass away for nothing […]

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  3. dani Says:

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