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I wanna be a breadface! June 30, 2007

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Breadface!I passed by this shop when I stopped to my tracks. I saw this really…for the lack of words, weird ad. I did laugh out loud. Immediately I thought, this ad must be an in-house ad. Whatever it is…doesn’t it look…kinda cute…i mean the bread?

Closer look Let’s have a closer look – other than the fact that it’s quite pudgy…the breadface is quite cute what! 🙂 I mean, the face looks quite smooth. I wouldn’t wanna buy the product because I wanna be a breadface! 😛


Calling all chocolate lovers, will the real chocolate lover, please stand up!

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yummy yoghart This is not as nice as Yumi Yoghart (did i spell that right) but this used to be my breakkie almost everyday in my previous job. Yes, I moved again…hopefully this time round, I’ll be there for a longer period of time 🙂 Oh yeah, as I was saying…breakfast. I haven’t really been eating breakfast properly since I came to my new workplace but I am quite certain I’ll be doing it more regularly since I’m meeting Avril for breakfast more regularly…whoo! 🙂

I’m too lazy to update nowadays. Everytime I come home I’m just so beat! 😛 Anyway will update more soon I guess….

Truffle Cake Oh oh..before that…I should recommend you this place to goin the Esplanade…It’s called Max Brenner. It’s just next to V-Tea Room. The Chocolate Truffle Cake here is EXCELLENT. It’s a must-try for all chocolate lovers because the cake really just MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH, and’s not M&Ms 🙂 Of course it’s not like Koko Black in Australia (check out the “An Afterthought” entry i wrote… hahaha and yes, I was still slightly more pudgy and I was wearing braces), BUUUUTTTT….it’s better than nothing… 🙂

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar
The Esplanade
Tel: 6235 9556


Meetups June 23, 2007

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Hmmmm I’ve been pretty busy to even update.Guess i’m getting lazy also. Most of what I want to say is somewhere else so yeah. Anyway for the past few weeks since Gabs’ passing, I’ve been going out with friends. From my former trainee counterparties to my secondary school best buddies. Next week should be another busy week for me since I’m starting work so yeah… 🙂

[rockyou id=74346659&w=600&h=200]


Some people are just beyond me.

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Really…today I was this close to swearing. Maybe I had quite a long day at work, or maybe I was already slightly irritated by certain antics of someone at work but man, someone almost made me swear a string of I would say, not-so-nice-words. As many would know, especially Mr Loy (because he tried SOOOOO hard to make me swear), I haven’t really been swearing. So this person really almost pushed me to…well…yeah…Keith…if u wanna make me swear, learn from this person. 🙂

One saving grace of today…well 2 actually… I met up with two of my boys, wait… I met up with Dom first. And I actually saw TWO of my loves on the streets (my cousin and Pseudo). I really had a good time with Dom, catching up with him and of course, getting a present for a dear friend of mine. I also met up with Ken. 🙂

Another thing tat made my day is…I’m officially unemployed! I’m officially a Zuo Bo-er…….for 2 days! hahahaha Hopefully the future would be better and yeah..too lazy to type anymore. zzz

Good night world.


Col 1:29 June 22, 2007

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To this end I labor, struggling with all his energy, which so powerfully works in me


Just one of those days. June 19, 2007

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It’s just one of those days when everything just doesn’t make sense.

I guess it’s just one of those times when I have too much time to think and even allow myself to be overwhelmed by my thoughts, and be succumbed in doubt and everything negative.

I suppose, an idle mind’s really indeed the devil’s playground. 😦


I’m back. June 15, 2007

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zzz I’m still suffering from…I-have-no-idea-what. Hahahhaa…I was in Malaysia for church camp the whole of this week, well almost the whole week anyway and I’m back in the office now.

Nothing much to say right now, just that I’m still sleepy and tired from the shitting that I did for almost the whole morning yesterday. Thank God during the whole bus ride I didn’t feel the urge to you-know. AND the night before, I puked. It must have been something I ate but funny, I was the only one who kena-ed. It was hilarious when Nielle was watching me puke and we were both having a debate as to what I puked out. And guess what…the impact of me vomiting was probably so strong that the top part of my retainers came out also. Bah, I didn’t realise it until I wanted to brush my teeth 😦

Oh well. *shrug*