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Adventures of the gay man and old man June 2, 2007

Filed under: Friends,Photos — renzi @ 1:07 pm

By popular demand the request of the two guys, I’m supposed to put up THEIR handsome faces on my blog *shrug* Oh well… anyway met up with them in April (if I’m not wrong) and we were at St James Powerhouse. It wasn’t too bad but maybe I’m really getting old 😛

Smile for the camey! Too bad we didnt get a shot of well, all who were present. (I look a little burnt eh)

The high, old man Greg, the HIGH old man….

ahahaha Just a couple of us, with marky…

high old man again…while the high, old man seemed oblivious to everything else.

dancing partnersCarry me through…okok, he wasn’t that oblivious….he made us dance and carried me! 😛 hahahaha

A couple of us Yeah…it was a good night I must say. I’m glad marky still remembered me when he came down the other day 🙂 For more photos, click here.


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