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I’m back. June 15, 2007

Filed under: Church — renzi @ 1:34 pm

zzz I’m still suffering from…I-have-no-idea-what. Hahahhaa…I was in Malaysia for church camp the whole of this week, well almost the whole week anyway and I’m back in the office now.

Nothing much to say right now, just that I’m still sleepy and tired from the shitting that I did for almost the whole morning yesterday. Thank God during the whole bus ride I didn’t feel the urge to you-know. AND the night before, I puked. It must have been something I ate but funny, I was the only one who kena-ed. It was hilarious when Nielle was watching me puke and we were both having a debate as to what I puked out. And guess what…the impact of me vomiting was probably so strong that the top part of my retainers came out also. Bah, I didn’t realise it until I wanted to brush my teeth 😦

Oh well. *shrug*


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