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We ARE getting older July 21, 2007

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I was blog-surfing after a LOOOOOONG time since I really don’t have much of a mood to use the computer after work and guess what? My dear gao, our beloved class monitor, wrote about well…jc life. It really did bring back fond memories. What I could remember clearly was just having endless amounts of fun, the really jack-ass kinds. Hahaha… I mean, who wouldn’t have fun with people like my dear ah-pa (jon teo), gaothebao and even my dearest geok pei? When gao mentioned about pissing outside the PE teacher’s room, it really brought me back through memory lane because i was present! No..i wasn’t watching him pee (why would I anyway) but I was watching out for teachers 😛 HAHAHAHA oh well… i looked weird in jc man… ulgh hahha and even in secondary sch….ulghh

ulgh Check out this photo I took (on the left) in secondary 4! what theeeeeee….kill me someone…i actually really look like conan (my nick in jc)…bleah! (do i look different? these two photos are 8 years apart btw)

Anyway as I was saying…Jc, secondary school seemed like a long time ago. Seconds become minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days, days to weeks, weeks to years…It’s been a decade since I was in Secondary School. How scary’s that. Soon enough most of my friends will get married and yeah…time flies scarily quick. Sigh… I wanna go back to the good old days of pure playing!!!

Speakin of playing…a couple of us were out playing last night. Karen, gao, nic and I were at Zouk rubbing shoulders and dancing with smelly army boys, skantily-clad chicks,… 🙂 hHAHAHAH it has been quite some time since we partied and boyyyy we’re really getting old. Sigh… hahah,,,, but it was a good time i must say, watching gao dance (with his signature moves), hot nic dancing away and my best friend dancing next to me…does bring back alot of memories…what else can I ask for?


5 Responses to “We ARE getting older”

  1. Danny Says:

    You still look the same lah… no difference except for the hair… but the mentality? haha i dont know… haha no matter how u changed, you are still my MEI!

  2. typicalsingaporean Says:


  3. terryansimon Says:


  4. Alvin Says:

    haha hihi!

    Realised I never knew how u looked like in JC.
    Or rather after sec 4. You never mentioned
    anything about Conan before eh? 🙂

    Take care yah!

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