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The guessing game January 16, 2008

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At home now…grrr…on MC. Doc claims it’s tonsilitis (can’t spell, and can’t be bothered) Heh so I’ll spend today…watching my 9pm show on youtube hur hur.

Annnyywayy A couple of us celebrated an early Christmas by stuffing ourselves silly and well…playing pictionary. Yes, pictionary… sounds loser-ish but wait till you see what people can come up with.

shy boy's work Say for example a good friend’s drawing – please try guessing what it is… (The answer will be revealed later)

1) I’ve changed my number…bought a new phone because my other phone couldn’t work. Grrr…The number’s 9224 6266
2) I can’t really remember…so…the answer for the above picture is….*drum roll* ZebRa 🙂 And Noo…it’s not a 2-year-old that drew this…He’s the same age as me. Go figure. 😛


Fall on your knees! January 2, 2008

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I know this is a little late but merry belated christmas and a happy new year to one and all! 🙂 Many happy returns to one and all. Watched this video in church and even though they are a tad bit gay but man…the song’s really good and powerful. I especially love the accompanying music.

So yeah… I’m back at work…and hope to go out soon because the cold is making me have a bad headache !