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another year… February 6, 2008

Filed under: Food — renzi @ 8:19 pm

yummyyy i realllly miss the gao (thick) tea and kaya bun next to holy family church. i can’t exactly remember what the little quaint coffee shop is but i sure love it’s authenticity and the next time i’m taking leave, i’m going there man! 🙂

anyway blessed new year to all…i’m too lazy to update…but all’s good…well almost all’s good (did that even come out gramatically correct??) have a good prosperous year ahead.

and till next time…stay a virgin!


3 Responses to “another year…”

  1. charms Says:

    that shop is called chin mei chin coffeeshop. : )

  2. jon Says:

    “stay a virgin”?!?!?!

  3. renzi Says:

    yeah…stay a virgin! 😛

    and oh yeah…it’s chin mei chin…yumzzzzzzz

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