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Selamat Marraige!!! February 25, 2008

Filed under: Geylang Methodist Secondary — renzi @ 11:27 am

erm…selamat is happy right? 😛

Well yesterday was one of my secondary school classmates’ wedding. It was nice to see some people and even my form teacher! Try spotting her in the photo – she’s quite a mama I tell you, hot mama. Anyway we caught up with a few others and I learnt about some not-so-surprising news hahaha… Oh well. It was just a good time. Once again, Hafiz, have a happy marraige and like what my video said, have many children, enough to form a soccer team 😉


One Response to “Selamat Marraige!!!”

  1. […] @ 10:51 pm Actually there were not that much. This year, from what I can remember, I attended 3. Hafiz’s wedding, which was the first one. The second one was Vane’s wedding held in April and the third was a […]

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