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funny out-of-office message March 23, 2008

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Man…for the first time after almost 3 years of working, I actually came across this out-of-office message from this person from the bank tat i’m working in. It’s utterly hilarious! Maybe I should do something like tat when I’m off to Phuket next week…WHOO!!! hahahah… but if i do so, i’ll prob be out of a job… 😛 anyway check this out!

I will be out of the office starting 18 Feb 2008 and will not return until 20 Feb 2008.

Looking for me?

Chances are I’m still not in the office, and will not be able to read your mail.

If you can afford to wait, please note that you are currently 99th in the queue. But do not fret. The mails will not be cleared in the order they were received.

Otherwise, please forward your mail to someone who might have a shorter queue, and you will be served shortly.