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the good ol’ days? September 3, 2008

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I just met up with a really old friend from my primary school. We were reminiscing about everything – from my copying of her spelling words to my classmates etc. I told her that I never liked my Primary School and I really thank God that I didn’t end up going to the secondary school that had a love bridge connected to another notorious school. The school was filled with bitchiness and I just probably hated every bit of it. Those 6 years there were probably my most miserable.

I was telling her that she was the only primary school friend whom I keep in touch with and it’s no surprise as well, I just wasn’t able to communicate on the same level with the rest of my friends. They wanted to take off their belts and rebel, swear… I on the other hand, was just too lazy to bother about being cool and bitchy Hahaha… maybe i was too soft-spoken, maybe i was even introverted (hur hur, much to many people’s disbelief, it’s true lah!)

Anyway this friend of mine is married already! I’m so happy for her! 🙂 Yet another friend who’s married already but yeah, I’m really happy for her. It was a good time of catching up and it kinda dawned on us that we were friends for almost 2 decades! How scary is that! She kept saying that we were not getting any younger and when was my turn… hahaha… oh well, we’ll just have to wait and see after Oct08 – the make or break talk.

I’m right now just very thankful to God for my friends from secondary school alllllll the way to uni days, esp those close ones who have seen me through my ups and downs. 🙂


2 Responses to “the good ol’ days?”

  1. Leanne Says:

    Hay Renzi

    It’s been a while, I haven’t come across your blog in years. You still look the same (:

    Good to see you’re still madly blogging about the food you eat hahah… how is everything else going?

    Not much is happening in Melb except I’ve gone back to study whilst working full time and it’s absofuckinglutely hard to juggle everything. Will make a note to pop by here more often (the food makes me want to go to Singers for a visit!).


  2. renzi Says:

    i look the same? hope tat’s good hahhaha

    life’s been pretty ok…couldn’t complain hahahah

    come to singapore and i’ll bring u around! 🙂

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