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2 weeks off! Whoo! September 24, 2008

Filed under: Funny,Memories,Myself — renzi @ 2:46 pm

On monday, I went to Alexandra Hospital for my wisdom teeth extraction. The dentist arranged to have 2 removed. She actually asked whether I wanted to go under GA and take all four out, i wasn’t that adventurous after hearing SOOOO many horror stories and having gone under the knife myself before (to remove 4 teeth).

Sooooooo… i plucked up enough courage, and with the help of Ms Swimmer and her boy, and went ahead with it. At first I was so scared…I requested to play my mp3s and the dentist/surgeon obliged. I started playing worship songs and praising God. I heard the drilling intensify and so I increased my volume, continued praising Him. In less than 20 min, they asked me to sit up as it was done. Amazing. God was with me through this. Never could do this kinda things, without him 🙂

Praise him!

Anyway I’ll prob put up a few photos on my teeth. Hur hur. I told Ms Swimmer that I kept ALL my teeth that I extracted. She said I was gross. hur hur. Well, I took some photos already. Am ready to gross her out, then throw away my 6 teeth. 🙂

All the best to her later hur hur (when I show it to her )

Time to get out of here…looking for liquids to fill me up. I’m super super hungry from not eating decent food. Sob…


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