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I’ll see u when I get there :) September 26, 2008

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I woke up to an SMS from one of my cousins telling me that my grand-aunt just passed away. His message was calm and peaceful. Guess we all know where she’s going and I’m glad she didn’t really have to suffer that much.

One time when I visited her in the hospital, she told me serenely that she wouldn’t blame God in whatever circumstances she is in because she knows He’ll carry her through. She even shared her testimony with me about God healing her: she was in church and she told God that if God could heal her, she would believe in Him. True enough, to cut the story short, she was healed. She had no pains in her leg and she was amazed.

She then continued going to church and well, grew in faith. Honestly, I wouldn’t imagine that she would turn to Christ but she did. She used to tell my cousin off when he asked her whether she wanted to visit his church. And I guess God really works in the most mysterious ways sometimes. And while having breakfast with Mr Ex, he also told me that sometimes cannot fanthom what God does.

But nonetheless, I’ll see u in heaven KP3 🙂


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