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crazy young boy? October 5, 2008

Filed under: Renzi-Ramblings — renzi @ 8:39 pm

whaooooo…. one of my cell mates sent me this link and it’s amazing how the kid could have killed almost AUD5,000 worth of animals in Australia to feed a crocodile physically, and feed his probable inquisitive self. I do agree that someone had to take responsibility and if anything at all, the parents should take responsibility. In most cases, if a kid gets into trouble, the parents should take (at least) major responsiblity. There’s no way they should even blame any other party. If the kid does something wrong, you can’t possibly blame the school, society or whatever because everything, I believe, begins at home.

Think in Singapore especially, parents always think that kids should be taught certain values in school but certain things like courtesy, manners should start from home. Oh well…just something i thought. Oh well…


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