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I finally did IT. April 27, 2007

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When it comes to doing a certain act, I have, after much contemplation, decided to do it but backed out at the very last minute. This has happened countless times. I’ve seen so many of my friends, especially girls, succumb to it after some time but still because of my strong and firm beliefs (or the lack of it), I have managed to overcome temptation and not do it. However yesterday after so much coaxing and reassurance from a special someone, I finally agreed to it. I did IT. At first it was extremely painful – it was a struggle, especially the first shot. I had to fight back my tears because it was so sacred and even people like my mother told me that if I did it , I would regret it. Thoughts, especially about my mother’s advice, kept surging through my head and it was resounding but I thought I should do it because it was then or never.

As mentioned, I allowed the special someone to well, do it, and share the experience with me. Due to the fact that we’re creatures of habit, it was hard but as the act progressed, I grew more accustomed to it. In fact, I was actually enjoying it. Finally it was over. This experience was definitely emotionally, physically and mentally tiring.

I’d like to thank that special someone for helping me overcome it. That special someone is my hairdresser – thanks for cutting my hair 🙂 I love my hair now~!


My brains are rotting April 12, 2007

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After being free from official duties in a desk-bound environment, I came to a certain realisation that I am disintegrating, well at least my brains are. My brains are rotting, let me repeat… MY.BRAINS.ARE.ROTTING. 😦

For the past week or so, everytime I put on my face moisturiser, I would be wondering to myself “hmm the moisturiser seems a little thicker, with little beads… what’s wrong” but I would shrug it off and think nothing of it. Just 3 days back, I just decided to read the packaging of the face moisturiser and HORROR OF HORRORS – my so-called face moisturiser is actually FACIAL F-ING CLEANSER!!! What possessed me to use the cleanser for at least 1 week, twice a day!!?!?!??!? I was so disturbed when I found out what a stupid thing I did.

The other day I had to go meet a certain someone in Raffles. Before I went up, I had to hand over my IC for a Visitor Pass. After the appointment I happily strolled out of the damn building, took a 5-10 min walk to the MRT station (because the weather’s SCORCHING HOT) and headed to the east using the MRT. I happened to look into my bag and HORROR OF HORRORS – there laid the damn Visitor Pass, mocking me. I had to alight the damn MRT train, wait for the other train, board the damn train and go back to the SAME train station and retrieve my IC. Ulgh.



Jake Gyllenhaal is my LOVEEEEE March 27, 2007

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I must say, if I have never mentioned before, that Jake Gyllenhaal is simply one of the cutest guys I’ve ever seen. I mean, he’s a great actor, but the more important thing is…HE IS HOT. He is sizzling H.O.T….!

Hot I mean look at his gaze, his eyes… I mean LOOK AT THE EYES!!! *drool* I’m infactuated! 🙂


Tom Wisdom is my lovvvvveeeeeeee March 20, 2007

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I caught 300 (yes finally) with Ken, Jon and Derong. I went without expecting anything because I was actually quite reluctant to even go for the damn movie in the first place (and Jon T. kept RAVING about it).

The movie caught me by surprise. I mean it was not about the gore and blood (and naked women from time to time) but I was actually stunned by well the CG as well as…the half-naked men strutting around hahahahha. *drool* Nah lah, I mean…the fact that I wasn’t even bored showed something. I was very very impressed by the fighting scenes, especially the first actual fight/battle between the Spartans and Persians. The layers of Spartans who tactically forced the Persians to fight at a disadvantage was masterfully displayed. The level of coordination, teamwork and sheer intensity was present. It was such a superb, thrilling experience to watch that I caught myself gaping and exclaiming “WOW” from time to time. Hahaha…

Here’s the video (not so good lah the quality) of the first battle 🙂

Well…go watch this show…you HAVE TO WATCH it in the theatre! And btw…Tom Wisdom is like HOW HOT!!!!!!!!

And yeah…introducing…TOM WISDOM!!! My hunky love *drool* 😛


The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency March 19, 2007

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HAhahahahah After going to church and seeing a doctor, I stayed at home to catch a WHOLE season of Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. I know it’s bimbotic and a whole load of crap but hey…it’s funny! And JD is seriously so in-your-face! ANNNNNDDDD of course the guys are quite hot, especially the bespectacled guy called Tony K. Perez (I do have a thing for guys who can carry of wearing, well, glasses hahahahahahahhah)…*drool* 🙂 I’m currently watching the second season on youtube. Catch that when you’re extremely free…. 😛

And yeah, it was a good time catching up with Keith yesterday too. hahahah…