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Happy Birthday Dommieeeeee June 4, 2007

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dommiiieeDear Mr Eu Kum Wah (erm..hope i got that right),

Happy blessed birthday to you! Time really flies eh? I mean we’ve known each other for practically 7-8 years! Just wanna take this opportunity to wish you a happy happy birthday! May God continue to provide richly and bless you greatly (with your sweet girlfriend and of coruse cute friends like me :P), even as you press on in your journey with him 🙂 Thanks also, for being such a great concerned buddy when I was down and all! Take care for now and….meet up soon!

From your ex girlfriend (HUR HUR HUR), renziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 🙂


harpie bird-day two mi April 1, 2007

(that’s my msn nick hahaha)

Yes, once again… I’m one year older and well, frankly it’s not really my best birthday. Then again, I dread my birthdays, not because it’s on the First of April, but well, bad things always happen on my birthday. *shrug*

Anyway just a shoutout to all those who have sms-ed, msn-ed and called me. I’lll talk about the SMSes soon, but yeah, for those who have called me, especially from overseas, thanks so damn much – I feel the LURVE! People like… Persis, Humpa (Bryan), Kee Kee, and those in Singapore like Keith, Lai, Alvin, Aaron, Karen…Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedules to call me. I love you all sooooo much 🙂

Also, for those who have MSN-ed me. Friends like Zac, Pseudo bf (Rongyang), Jemie, Christie, Susu… Thanks for the MSN msgs…Love you guys toooooo!

Oh oh, one last thing…a big thank you for the treats the past few days… People like

1)Weiliang, Yvonne, Joel (who bought me a small little cute cake on Friday),

2) My former MD (Terence) who bought me drinks on Friday,

3) KAREN ONG GEOK PEI my bestie who bought me dinner (Crystal Jade) and who watched me cry…

4) Thanks to Nielle who bought me a nice Lacoste Bag (it’s in a nice RED….I’m soooo in love with the bag, it’s cute!), and oh oh…

5) I would like to thank Kenneth for the ring (it’s nice). It’s pretty and I’ve always wanted one!

6) Thanks to my great girlies from work, who bought me dinner for my birthday – I love you three: Avril, Gerri and Juls!

7) My cell group members who bought me a nice book and a cake. Since I’ve the time to read it…I shall do so soon!

8) My parents for the nice meal today!

Well… I’ve no work tomorrow so that means I can afford to sleep late. More about that soon… 🙂 So…that means I can type out my email to my MD, well former MD since I’ve left the company already (I’m officially unemployed), and watch UGLY BETTY. WHeeeee!

Once again, for now, thanks for the MSN msgs, the gifts, the SMSes. Well this is really Love, to me…thanks for showering care and concern unconditionally, even though sometimes I’m a bitch and I probably don’t deserve it…I love you guys so damn much!

Part 2…to be continued!


BIG FISH March 22, 2007

There’s a time when a man needs to fight and a time when he needs to accept that his destiny’s lost, the ship has sailed and that only a fool will continue. The truth is I’ve always been a fool.

That was a quote from Big Fish (the movie) by Tim Burton. It’s a dramedy about love, adventure, family ties…. I mean, it’s a MUST-WATCH! hahaha I was crying at the end of the movie, along with the rest of the gals and I’m sure the whole group of them (Charms, Alvina and Sharon) would definitely agree with me that the movie’s good. Anyway that’s not my point in this entry. I wanna talk about another BIG FISH, a restaurant that I patronised last Saturday, after I met up with the gals (CK, AS, JS and GO).

The first time I visited this place was with GO and a client. I was pretty impressed with the fish&chips. Well, it was simple but good, on par with the Oz standards. 🙂

Well…I was tempted to take photos but for some reason I stopped myself. Ulgh…the photo whore not taking photos….sigh… Oh well, but I must recommend the Antipasto…it was SUPERB! It’s a must-eat! 5 simple sides which leave you wanting more! The rest of what we tried (the Mahi Mahi and Halibut were equally good because of the freshness). It was served fine dining style.

Paid quite a hefty sum for it. 120 for two people (but of course…. we ordered 1 antipasto, 1 soup, 2 mains, and 2 desserts)….ulgh… but oh well…it’s a for a very special person for his special day, guess it was worth it.

You should try it. BIG FISH…remember the name.

BIG FISH Seafood Grill
85 Upper East Coast Road
Singapore 455222
Tel: 64416920


Great dinner, great company February 21, 2007

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(This is a continuation of my previous entry.) Before going to Blooie’s we were at Different Taste Cafe and Restaurant having dinner. Initially I thought we had too much to eat, but walaaaa!!! We wiped out EVERYTHING! I was really impressed.

Egg with yummy ingredients This is always one of my favourites. Eggs and a whole dump of ingredients! Yummy!!!

Hor Fun Penang Hor Fun. *embarrassed* We were too hungry to remember to grab a photo first. Anyway It wasn’t too bad but of course, nothing beats, the REAL THING.

Spicy noodles Spicy noodles…well not so spicy for Nielle and I. *shrug* What’s new! hahahaha

Kang Kong Sambal Kang Kong.

Honey sweet and sour Pork RibsHoney sweet and sour Pork Ribs…this was my favourite among the rest. YUMMMMMM!!!!

Well, if you’re lookin for a Tze Char place, this is quite good. Reasonable too I must add. It used to be located in Jackie’s Bowl and I was quite upset when the whole Bowling Place got knocked down. Anyway…go check out this place. It’s actually located in a couple of areas (Pasir Ris, Jalan Mas Puteh, and Woodlands) but I’m too lazy to type out ALL the addresses. Make do lah,

Different Taste Cafe & Restaurant
111 Frankel Ave Singapore 458229
Tel: 62416518

Blooie's We were at Blooie’s for some drinks before we watched Jingxi greet well, her new-found age. Kinda reminds me that I’m getting old too. Some photos in the previous entry AND for the rest, click here.

The Blooie’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill
49 Jalan Tua Kong
(Upper East Coast) Siglap Singapore 457 249
Tel: 6442 0030


Happy Birthday my dear Jingxi!!! February 15, 2007

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Haven’t really been updating what I’ve been up to. I’ve been pretty busy to even upload my photos. These few days have just been plain catching up with friends who study in Oz. Let’s see…

Monday – Met Jingxi, Anne, Danielle to celebrate Xi’s birthday in advance

Tuesday – Met up with Seann. I’ll only see him at the end of the year!

Yesteday – Saw Daryl accompanied with Pseudo boyfriend and Verbally Abusive boyfriend. Hehehe…

Just usJingxi, the birthday girlMucking aroundMucking around (Part 2) I took this off Jingxi’s blog – Here are some photos taken that night (on Monday). I’ve the rest in my camera (like I said I haven’t been uploading much photos).

Writting this in a daze so hopefully it doesn’t sound off (out of point).

Well..just a short shout-out – HAPPY __ (fill in the age – a gal’s age is sacred and secret :P) BIRTHDAY SWEETIE! HAPPY BLESSED ONE! Hmm… Hope you enjoy your last day in Singapore. Remember, sieze and savour every moment!

Thanks for all these years of friendship, 16 years to be exact. From the Primary school days when we cycled around aimlessly in circles at our apartment compound, ran up a powder-coated slide with much tenacity as one of the many challenges we imitated from tv programs, watching Pretty Woman on VCR over and over again and wondering whether our prince charmings would EVER be like Richard Gere (YESSSS we started young), pigging out on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING (her dad’s a superb cook)…

….to Secondary school days when we ruthlessly and constantly (well I did anyway) terrorised our tuition teacher, watched Pretty Woman from time to time, hung out in church, pig out (see the pattern here)….

…to my JC days when I was still dragging my arse to chinese tuition and meeting you there, only to start bitching, talking, rattling on about our days, friends etc, pig out AGAIN…

…to my Uni days where we ate out, and talked cock (I really see a pattern, eating tat is..hehe)…

…till now…where we still meet up to eat, and more importantly chill and have fun. I’m really glad to have you as a friend.

We literally grew up together and well, we’ve seen each others’ ups and downs. I’m glad to have to opportunity to anyway. I can’t wait for you to come back for good, so we can start our…you know 😉

Take care when you’re in Oz yeah. EAT properly. 🙂

See ya back in a few months time!


Happieeeee birdddd–daaaeee January 9, 2007

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I’m being retarded there… =P

Anyway just last year, maybe 2-3 weeks ago, we celebrated TY’s birthday. It was quite funny because …

Hesitant Hehe… He was really hesistant becauseeeee….we asked him to open the box (but it couldnt possibly be a woman wrapped in a box? hehe)

Consideration... Consideration…

Muffin?!? Wah! A muffin!!! =)

AHHHH...Nah lah..we were kiddine! Hahahaha…we were KEEEEEED-inggggg…. Check out TY’s amused face!


Happy 21st Birthday Ms Law! December 19, 2006

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Last Saturday, before meeting up with the boy, I met up with a couple of them Monash Peeps. We were gathered to celebrate a very very blessed day – Wendy’s 21st! It held at the V-Tea room.

V-Tea Room
8 Raffles Avenue,
Esplanade Mall,

There was alooooot of food, not to mention great company. I was, above other things, amused and entertained by our dear Rongyao, MY one and only shy boy.

This felt alot like a wedding dinner because there were menus, it was a pretty formal setting but we broke away from it because we kept helping ourselves to the free-flow of tea and durian cakes.

A couple of us, before more of her friends streamed in. I kinda felt slightly under-dressed because all the gals were all so prissy, so pretty. BUTTTTT I dressed according to the theme, i wore violet. Heh

The first on the dish was some quiche-like dish. It wasn’t too bad but it was pretty cold by the time it came to us. I didn’t think it was meant to be cold, right?

A ceremonial picture taken with the birthday girl.

YUMMMMMYYYY Birthday cake. V-Tea room cakes NEVER fail to disappoint. Couldn’t really taste their other dessert because I was sick.

*GASP* What is MY shy boy doing??? What happened to the adventures of Shy Boy and Introverted Girl??? *wail*

Heh, overall it was a good Saturday. Good food (slightly tasteless on my part because of the damn flu), great company, what more can you ask for? For more photos, click here.