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Fall on your knees! January 2, 2008

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I know this is a little late but merry belated christmas and a happy new year to one and all! 🙂 Many happy returns to one and all. Watched this video in church and even though they are a tad bit gay but man…the song’s really good and powerful. I especially love the accompanying music.

So yeah… I’m back at work…and hope to go out soon because the cold is making me have a bad headache !


Just because February 7, 2007

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Nothing lah, I’m just a bit tired, my throat’s dry, I feel abit plegmy (ulgh I can’t spell for shit)and well, I’m just being whiney. I came across this and thought, oh well, might as well do something… I can well, take this time to think back 2006, reminise…

Best food: The fried noodles in Kim Koo Dumpling and Ramen (in Parkway), Peppar Crab (in Joo Chiat), Steamboat (in the food court of Parkway), Frog’s Legs Porridge (where else but Geylang!). Iced Thailand Tea, Durian Cake (in V-Tea Room) Char Kuay Tiao (in Penang…sniff sniff)

Biggest moment of fear: Honest? erm…guess it was when I knew I was at my most vulnerable state, that nothing I could do could change anything (I know what I’m talkin about…I’m sure peeps like Karen, Jon, Pseudo Boyfriend would know as well)

Best holiday: I only had two…the Malaysia-Thailand one I guess… The foooooood….Heaven!

Most stressed holiday: Thailand (in December). Need I say more? We arrived Saturday morning and left Sunday evening. Did quite a bit of shopping though hahaha

Nastiest incident: Hmmm..that happened to me? I’d rather not say… those close to me would know *wink*

Most expensive purchase: My phone…I didn’t pay for it though… wheee 😉

Best surprise: Someone buying me nice NIKE shoes. hehee 😉

Biggest announcement: Hmm…something that made me…have the worst year EVER

Biggest lie: “it’s not you, it’s me”

Most painful experience: Once again..the same incident……hehe ask Karen, if she would be wiling to tell you.

Most embarrassing moment: I can’t really recall. I’ve had MILLIONS. I’m a joker to a lot of people, for some reason *shrug*

Biggest moment of achievement: being able to save a BEEEEEEET of money? hehehe

Most awkward performance: n/a hehe

Best compliment: You’re kickass as a friend!

Most agitated but composed moment: Guess it was talkin to my ex boss?

Biggest crush: *blush* I can’t say this…too many people I know reading this…

Most amusing comment during work: Shall I give you the details orally? (which resulted in a moment of silence, awkward silence)

Worst and most hilarious dinner: worst dinner was when I bawled while eating…wait, i didn’t even eat.. hahaha… most hilarious? Can’t remember…

Biggest nightmare in my line of work: when clients are pricks.

Moment of helplessness: thought i answered that?

Most flattering moment: hahahahahaa….. 😛


Happy New Year, pull your ear!!! January 15, 2007

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So damn belated, better late than never!!! 😉

Blading since a loooooooooong time ago In the morning, I went blading with Seann before we went swimming. Here’s Seanne helping me with my blades..whee

Highlight of the day MY highlight – dinner, sumptious dinner, with my favourite girlies from work. We made up for…our BKK trip.

WTF?! SIMI ?? SIMI??? See what see? Kwa simi kwa??? HAhahahaha…we were so not prepared when silly JS snapped.

Nicer photo Ahhh…a nicer shot! hahahaha Silly JS didn’t wanna take any photos with us that day.

Soooooo... I sneaked a shot So I sneaked a shot of her.

Yeah…I ended my day with Incest friend and Seann. The day went on pretty smoothly. First day…hmmm

For more photos, click here.


Today, we shall declare it as….Aston’s Day!

I know this is looooong overdue but who cares? =p

Hungry women are angry women!After church, on the 31st of December (New Year’s Eve), Jinx and I decided to try Aston’s since everyone was raving about it. We were actually tempted to try the wagyu beef was pretty steep so, we settled for somethign cheaper.

YummmMMMyyy It was a gooooood meal I must say.

Look of satisfaction! I was pretty satisfied with the place, other than the having to look at a woman (in a skirt) spreading her legs in front of my face and wait for friggin one hour before we got a table. For those who are interested to try out Aston’s PLEASE CALL TO RESERVE!!!

Astons Specialties
119 East Coast Road
Singapore 428806
Tel: 62477857 / 91474627

Zac and I I then met Mr Lim for a movie before I had to rush home (well sorta) with Mr R Lim for the NYE party at hommmmeeee

We met once celebrate the turn of another year Jinx and I, again, had a moment again… toasting to a new year!

At Wine Company, Demsey Just the four of us, having a quiet evening in Demsey. I like something like that. No fuss, no extreme screaming . Just some place nice and quiet. Oh, and I must add, the service is pretty good. Thumbs up!

The Wine Company @ Dempsey
Block 14-3, Dempsey Road Singapore 249688
Tel: 6479 9341

There’s another place that’s good to chill. Will update soon. Can’t remember what it’s called. =)

So there…my NYE… =) For more photos, click here.


Christmas Eve’s Eve January 8, 2007

Ahh..that’s the day that changed so much of my life the year before but oh well, that’s the past. Anyway before I met Jackie, I caught up with my two favourite boys (it’s soooo hard to get Alvin nowadays…zzz)

My favourite boys Caught a movie with the boys before we wandered around. We managed to see the beautiful display of lights and deco in Taka. =)

Mont Blanc wallet for me pls!!! I then met up with Dom and Karen. We searched hi and low for a suitable wallet for Dom’s dear. Guess where we were!? Hahaha… No prizes for that. One funny moment’s when Karen exclaimed “WAHHHHH…can I be your girlfriend ah,…so you can buy me a nice wallet”. I turned to Dom and said, almost sheepishly, “ermm…I can’t say that because you’re my ex!” HAHAHAHAHAHAH

My boys Another two of my favourite boys. Hehehe… YEap…after shopping, we met up with Jon Teo as well. One of my first times meeting him since he was back. ($#*@$&#@($

It was indeed a tiring day. I met up with my Secondary school mates, my JC friends and my Uni buddies. =)

For more photos taken on a very memorable day (including Jackie’s photos), click here.


JACKIE-o is coming to town!

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Erm, actually she came and left, in a flash! On the 23rd of Dec (Xmas eve’s eve) she only managed to come to Singapore for less than a day. I was quite glad to catch up with this ball of fun.

A couple of us. Just a couple of us, chilling at Orchard. I didn’t even drink that night! *beam*

It was a good time catching up and…well, learnin from the guru (Byron) about myself. He was analysing me using my handwriting. I was really amused – will talk about it soon.

Hope to see you when you come back again! =)


Christmas Eve : Eventful siaaaaa (Part 2) January 5, 2007

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Too lazy to describe…too lazy to do anything for now. =)

St Hilda's Choir??! It was a realllllyyyyy looooooonggg session of singing. I enjoyed it though. I LOVEEE CHRISTMAS CAROLS!!!

Derong and I Why does Derong always look so sleepy??? I look tired though…

Little Mr Sunshine! *grin* I miss suppering with Mr Loh. =) He always makes me smile hahahaha

MONSTAJOE A shot with mOnStAjOe


=P Hehehehee…. 3 retards actually! =)

Well…the Christmas eve ended on a low-key. Wasn’t too bad. Guess I was too tired to stay up the whole night =)

For more photos, click here.