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Fall on your knees! January 2, 2008

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I know this is a little late but merry belated christmas and a happy new year to one and all! 🙂 Many happy returns to one and all. Watched this video in church and even though they are a tad bit gay but man…the song’s really good and powerful. I especially love the accompanying music.

So yeah… I’m back at work…and hope to go out soon because the cold is making me have a bad headache !


Many happy returns to one and all… October 11, 2007

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You’re just too good to be true
can’t take my eyes off of you
you’d be like heaven to touch
I wanna hold you so much
at long last love has arrived
and I thank God I’m alive
you’re just too good to be true
can’t take my eyes off of you

Pardon the way that I stare
there’s nothing else to compare
the sight of you leaves me weak
there are no words left to speak
but if you feel like I feel
please let me know that it’s real
you’re just too good to be true
can’t take my eyes off of you

yes yes Mr Teo…you made this tune stuck in my head. Hahaha…nah….I’m just being silly. Well but seriously speaking, quite a couple of people have decided to well, take their relationships to the next level and I’m really happy for them! One of them’s my manager, who got married 3 weeks back.

My secondary school classmate also got married. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it for hers because I had some commitments in a CC. 😦

And lastly, my beloved church friend, Fiona who got married to the guy whom she know God gave to her whom she “needed” not “wanted” hahaha… well it was by far one of the most touching weddings. It was simple yet, from the heart. It definitely did tug alot of hearts and personally, it made me think really hard about some things/issues. Anyway blessed union to you two, Kelly and Fiona. I know God has a great plan for the two of you. May the two of grow closer as you grow closer to Him. 🙂 For great photos (taken by one of my church friends) of the pretty couple, click here. (Note to Mr Dodgy: see photo 56 – although, erm…my permed hair became flat already hahahahha)


I’m back. June 15, 2007

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zzz I’m still suffering from…I-have-no-idea-what. Hahahhaa…I was in Malaysia for church camp the whole of this week, well almost the whole week anyway and I’m back in the office now.

Nothing much to say right now, just that I’m still sleepy and tired from the shitting that I did for almost the whole morning yesterday. Thank God during the whole bus ride I didn’t feel the urge to you-know. AND the night before, I puked. It must have been something I ate but funny, I was the only one who kena-ed. It was hilarious when Nielle was watching me puke and we were both having a debate as to what I puked out. And guess what…the impact of me vomiting was probably so strong that the top part of my retainers came out also. Bah, I didn’t realise it until I wanted to brush my teeth 😦

Oh well. *shrug*


At work… June 4, 2007

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Nothing to do at the moment…actually I do but I feel damn sian… dunno why…. the EPs oh well..something i’m looking forward to is church camp next week. I probably just need a break. Oh yeah…this photo was taken 2 weeks back, when we had a family camp. I’ve NOOOO idea when Daniel Loke will send the rest of the photos so yeah…


Great dinner, great company February 21, 2007

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(This is a continuation of my previous entry.) Before going to Blooie’s we were at Different Taste Cafe and Restaurant having dinner. Initially I thought we had too much to eat, but walaaaa!!! We wiped out EVERYTHING! I was really impressed.

Egg with yummy ingredients This is always one of my favourites. Eggs and a whole dump of ingredients! Yummy!!!

Hor Fun Penang Hor Fun. *embarrassed* We were too hungry to remember to grab a photo first. Anyway It wasn’t too bad but of course, nothing beats, the REAL THING.

Spicy noodles Spicy noodles…well not so spicy for Nielle and I. *shrug* What’s new! hahahaha

Kang Kong Sambal Kang Kong.

Honey sweet and sour Pork RibsHoney sweet and sour Pork Ribs…this was my favourite among the rest. YUMMMMMM!!!!

Well, if you’re lookin for a Tze Char place, this is quite good. Reasonable too I must add. It used to be located in Jackie’s Bowl and I was quite upset when the whole Bowling Place got knocked down. Anyway…go check out this place. It’s actually located in a couple of areas (Pasir Ris, Jalan Mas Puteh, and Woodlands) but I’m too lazy to type out ALL the addresses. Make do lah,

Different Taste Cafe & Restaurant
111 Frankel Ave Singapore 458229
Tel: 62416518

Blooie's We were at Blooie’s for some drinks before we watched Jingxi greet well, her new-found age. Kinda reminds me that I’m getting old too. Some photos in the previous entry AND for the rest, click here.

The Blooie’s Roadhouse Bar & Grill
49 Jalan Tua Kong
(Upper East Coast) Siglap Singapore 457 249
Tel: 6442 0030


Quentin Eurasian Restaurant February 1, 2007

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Quite some time back (14 Jan 2007), the same day when I shamed myself in front of Bryan and Patricia (hur hur, machiam like they’re my friends), a couple of us went to Quentin Eurasian Restaurant for lunch. It wasn’t too bad, the food’s tasty (a little salty) service was slow, but well… overall wasn’t too bad. I don’t really mind going back. =)

Just us Yummmmm… Can’t wait to go back…

Eggplant - YUMMMz Eggplant – who can resist??

Szechuan Chicken The Szechuan Chicken was too salty for me (kinda reminds me of Zhang Ziyi hahahahahaha – “the soup is too salty”)

Us gal The rest of the photos didn’t come out nicely..sniffles… oh well, settle for us then 😛

Quentin Eurasian Restaurant
425 East Coast Road


Christmas Eve : Eventful siaaaaa (Part 2) January 5, 2007

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Too lazy to describe…too lazy to do anything for now. =)

St Hilda's Choir??! It was a realllllyyyyy looooooonggg session of singing. I enjoyed it though. I LOVEEE CHRISTMAS CAROLS!!!

Derong and I Why does Derong always look so sleepy??? I look tired though…

Little Mr Sunshine! *grin* I miss suppering with Mr Loh. =) He always makes me smile hahahaha

MONSTAJOE A shot with mOnStAjOe


=P Hehehehee…. 3 retards actually! =)

Well…the Christmas eve ended on a low-key. Wasn’t too bad. Guess I was too tired to stay up the whole night =)

For more photos, click here.