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Rongyang is my EX-pseudo boyfWen May 10, 2007

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Hur hur hur… I just HAD TO say it 🙂

My dear pseudo boy just reached Nepal. Before that I met up with him on Tuesday, with Keith. I haven’t seen either of them for the longest time. Once again they were taking the piss out of me (not that I mind really, because I’ve always been the butt of many people’s jokes for some reason).

Keith had to once again remind me that he would rather fuck a goat that ever be caught kissing or doing anything with me. I shudder at the very thought of us doing anything together! G-R-O-S-S with capital letters!~

And Rongyang, my dearest darling, HADDDDD TOOOO also agree and added (this I’ve to write down) “I would rather fuck a…(dramatic pause)… chair” than fuck me. W.O.W. Now I’m compared in inanimate objects as well? 🙂 Hahaha… That split second was really classic because as he was saying that fuck-a-chair sentence, I could see he that despite his calm exterior, through his eyes, he was looking frantically for something to mention. And wala! The first thing that caught his glance was…

…a chair.

🙂 Stupid boys…

Anyway psuedo darling (and the rest of the darlings on their trip to Japan) have a superb trip!


This is my family April 14, 2007

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HOT NEWS!!!! My brother has a girlfriend whom he insists is his (i quote in his own words) “maple GF” HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA. She’s apparantly 13 and Malalysian – half english and half chinese. He even blushed when he told me. Wellllll… I tried to probe, tease and exasperate him so I really made it really difficult for him by being the pesky sister (for once).

I questioned him about the so-called girl’s identity. I mean really, you’ll never know who is it over at the other end. “She” may claim that she’s Malaysian and she’s 13 (God, she’s 13…my brother’s only 11!!! And my gosh, I had my first and ahem, I must stress, only web-boyfriend was erm..15!!! ) but…oh well. I just found my brother’s reactions really cute and amusing when i tried to disturb him and ask him more questions.

I even asked him “so do you know what english means? where do the english come from?”. The ignorant brother happily quipped “Europe!!!” Hmmm Okkkkkk..

Next question “how do you know whether she’s a girl”. He proceeded to asking the “girl” to take off her “virtual cap” in Maple Story *rolls eyes* hahahahah really, for all you know, “she” may just be a 89-year old senile grandfather in Ireland who just takes the kick out of being someone young and well, of another gender. I’m just really amused by my brother, especially when he himself exclaimed that he’s (and I must quote in his real words) “still so young la!!!!”, yet he still tried SO DAMN HARD to convince me, of all people, that “she” is a female. And and!!! He kept texting and communicating telling “her” on the web that he LURRRRRRRRRRRVEs her. HAhahahahah ..This is more amusing than watching toddlers trip!

I antagonized the brother even more by teasing mocking him about “her” and suggesting that he should invite “her” to Singapore so he can plant a wet, slobbery kiss on her baby-smooth face.

I’m probably too bored.

What possessed meeeeeee???

Anyway my dear mother said “how can she be Chinese? Malaysians are Malays and only people from China are Chinese!” OH MY GOSH, WHAT POSSESSED MY MUM TO SAY THISSSSS, especially when my former CHINESE housemates are from Malaysia? 😛

And my brother then said something that really didn’t make sense but left me almost grabbing my stomach because I almost let out a loud cackle. He said “I’m Singaporean so I’m Singaporean-ise, like how Japanese are Japanese!!!”

Yeap… that’s my quote of the day.

Hahhaa…to see this stupid silly smirk on my brother is priceless. He’s so cluelessly funny.


I met a retard yesterday April 12, 2007

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I rocked down to Oosh last night for its grand opening and had quite a good time, stuffing my face silly with finger food (it’s quite yummy actually, especially the pizza… i mean the food is MUCH better than Wala Walas), using my eagle eye to spot celebrities and drinking. Being the camera whore, I wanted to take a photo with Jon and his colleagues, so I scanned around and decided to ask the waiter this very simple question…”Sorry… do you mind helping us take a photo pls?” and guess what? This waiter hesitantly and reluctantly replied

I dunno how to take photos.”

And walked away… I was pretty stunned and amused. Even my silly brother could take photos when he was 4,5 years old. Sheesh.

Looks like I’m not the only one who’s a retard here 😉


You calling me a Hoe? April 9, 2007

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I tried calling this certain Bank (from the Netherlands) today and the response was apparantly quite overwhelming because all their hotline operators were “busy at the moment”. One thing that struck me was the following sentence –

“thank you for holding. Pls (long pause)… continue to HOE and we’ll attend to you as soon as we can”

This automated message was irritating me. I mean I am very sure the person who was hired to record the automated message is Singaporean (definitely not from the Netherlands) and after hearing the same hoe message for approximately 4 times, I gave up. It’s not because I was getting impatient, I was more irritated by the mispronounciation. Ulgh.. Kill meeeee…. It’s not HOE, it’s..HOLD!!!!!


harpie bird-day two mi April 1, 2007

(that’s my msn nick hahaha)

Yes, once again… I’m one year older and well, frankly it’s not really my best birthday. Then again, I dread my birthdays, not because it’s on the First of April, but well, bad things always happen on my birthday. *shrug*

Anyway just a shoutout to all those who have sms-ed, msn-ed and called me. I’lll talk about the SMSes soon, but yeah, for those who have called me, especially from overseas, thanks so damn much – I feel the LURVE! People like… Persis, Humpa (Bryan), Kee Kee, and those in Singapore like Keith, Lai, Alvin, Aaron, Karen…Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedules to call me. I love you all sooooo much 🙂

Also, for those who have MSN-ed me. Friends like Zac, Pseudo bf (Rongyang), Jemie, Christie, Susu… Thanks for the MSN msgs…Love you guys toooooo!

Oh oh, one last thing…a big thank you for the treats the past few days… People like

1)Weiliang, Yvonne, Joel (who bought me a small little cute cake on Friday),

2) My former MD (Terence) who bought me drinks on Friday,

3) KAREN ONG GEOK PEI my bestie who bought me dinner (Crystal Jade) and who watched me cry…

4) Thanks to Nielle who bought me a nice Lacoste Bag (it’s in a nice RED….I’m soooo in love with the bag, it’s cute!), and oh oh…

5) I would like to thank Kenneth for the ring (it’s nice). It’s pretty and I’ve always wanted one!

6) Thanks to my great girlies from work, who bought me dinner for my birthday – I love you three: Avril, Gerri and Juls!

7) My cell group members who bought me a nice book and a cake. Since I’ve the time to read it…I shall do so soon!

8) My parents for the nice meal today!

Well… I’ve no work tomorrow so that means I can afford to sleep late. More about that soon… 🙂 So…that means I can type out my email to my MD, well former MD since I’ve left the company already (I’m officially unemployed), and watch UGLY BETTY. WHeeeee!

Once again, for now, thanks for the MSN msgs, the gifts, the SMSes. Well this is really Love, to me…thanks for showering care and concern unconditionally, even though sometimes I’m a bitch and I probably don’t deserve it…I love you guys so damn much!

Part 2…to be continued!


People can be irritating (part 1) March 27, 2007

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I was out with the client (hur hur) and GO when I checked my phone. I realised I had a missed call so I returned the phonecall only to converse with this….

Prick: Hello?
Renzi: Hello? (polite tone, as usual ;))This is Renee. May I know who called?
P: HAR?!!
R: Hello? (polite tone, as usual ;))This is Renee. May I know who called?

And check out what his next response was???

A short, sharp, I dont-give-a-shit “NO!”

I was like wtf??!! Ulgh..stupid prick….

Oh well…there ARE people like that…


Protected: Letter to the girls March 26, 2007

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