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Chor Lor is my middle name. May 14, 2007

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I wrote this on Saturday and unfortunately, I was unable to even log onto wordpress then…


I finally got back my diaries from Karen. If I’m not wrong I’ve about 14 diaries to my name.
These diaries are priceless I tell you (and yes, if there’s a fire in my house, one of the things I would grab is the bag of diaries).

I’ve been writing diaries since I was in Primary School. Then, my form teacher was telling the class that if we adopted the habit of writing diaries, our command of the English Language would improve dramatically and yes, naive chubby little Renee followed Mrs Tan’s advice. I haven’t stopped since. I mean the means of penning down my thoughts have only been electronically stored but other than that… I guess it’s still the same eh?

I was going through one of the many diaries I had and I really had a good laugh. For this particular diary, I shared it with Catherine, one of my close buddies from my ECA group in secondary school (ie Geylang Methodist Secondary School Concert Band). This book had mainly my thoughts because most of the time when Cat possessed the book, she would be too busy studying, and ahhh….well, I had a lot of time, since I wasn’t studying much. I spent most of my afternoons indulging in my silly monologues.

“…On the way I saw my friend (one of my kors) so (you know my usual slap on the back?) I just slapped him and jokingly asked for my CD-rom game back. To my surprise, he got so mad, he just lashed out at me! 😐 yeah! He just walked off, so me, the dummy, stood there for a while before I went to join Xiu and Eemin! Hai! Then the two said I was so tom-boyish.” [16 Jan 2000 – 11.11pm]

“…After the movie, I went with Anne to buy things, I bought earrings and a chain. 😛 I broke my chain that day….you know how? I was working and suddenly I just pretended I was being robbed and…er… heh! I pulled out my chain…it obviously broke lah! 😛 hehe! So rough eh?” [23 Feb 2000 – 1.15pm]

I noticed in at least 2 entries when I mentioned that I was very very rough. I was tickled because yes, I was known to be one of the boys, even in secondary school. I was even more amused at the second excerpt because I simply can’t believe how boliao I was. Anyway speaking of being boisterous, Oh well *shrug* It hasn’t changed much I suppose. I’ve changed a little, become slightly more lady-like, so I think! 🙂

So much memories… I shall take today to read this diary and laugh at myself. Some childish moments, frustrating teenage moments and classic Renzi-sms ought to be savoured from time to time…