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You calling me a Hoe? April 9, 2007

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I tried calling this certain Bank (from the Netherlands) today and the response was apparantly quite overwhelming because all their hotline operators were “busy at the moment”. One thing that struck me was the following sentence –

“thank you for holding. Pls (long pause)… continue to HOE and we’ll attend to you as soon as we can”

This automated message was irritating me. I mean I am very sure the person who was hired to record the automated message is Singaporean (definitely not from the Netherlands) and after hearing the same hoe message for approximately 4 times, I gave up. It’s not because I was getting impatient, I was more irritated by the mispronounciation. Ulgh.. Kill meeeee…. It’s not HOE, it’s..HOLD!!!!!


Please pray for my friend, Gab March 13, 2007

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Hmm I’m getting a little emotional lately. I guess alot’s been going on around me, it’s really hard to “sit and stare” (quote from one of my literature texts a loooooong time ago).

I met up with Mark last night and brought him to Glutton’s to savour some of Singapore’s finest *snigger* hawker food.

While eating, we were talking about Gabs (my cell group leader, remember the time when I mentioned about a friend having cancer?) and he told me that after going through the surgery, Gabs has been in and out of the hospital because he has been having difficulty in well, excreting (is there such a word?) and passing motion. And because of the cancer, he’s been experiencing bouts of pain, especially during night times. It is so bad that he barely sleeps. In order to curb the pain, the doctors prescribed morphine and well he hallucinates occasionally.

It’s quite upsetting to see a friend like that. I guess it hurts even more because it reminds me of mama (my grandmother). I remember blogging about it (when it all happened in 2004) when she passed on. For some reason, the talk about morphine, hallucinations, really just reminded me of mama and the time, well that period of time when I wasn’t by her bedside when all of this happened.

Call me silly, but I spoke to Ken before sleeping and well, started tearing. 😦 Oh well… Just pray for my friend pls… I mean at least pray that he doesn’t have to suffer so much.

God pls help him.


You will still be missed. March 11, 2007

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Hmm another year has passed. Today’s Mama‘s death anniversary, well at least it should be, since I overheard Mother talking to my other grandmother about her. It still feels like yesterday when well, I received the news via SMS from Mother, that Mama had passed away. 😦

Anyway today I went to the Travel fair with Nic. We spent less than 15 min there before we headed to the IT fair. I’m not really a techie so well, I just browsed through stalls, squeezing with at least 1/4 of the population of Singapore. It was CROWDED, and at least 10 people stepped on my toes. To make matters worse, there were no babes, nor hunks. Hahaha… I guess at least Nic did some shopping. This is just a passing remark but, somehow at some angles, Nic does remind me physically alot like Kangfei. I always have to shake my head and constantly tell myself that they are two different people. Oh well…Kangfei, you’ll be dearly missed, still, by many of your friends.


A conversation with a “Financial Planner” March 9, 2007

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I was out with Cheng and a couple of the pack on Saturday after the birthday lunch (with the relatives). We were at the Education/Career fair (walking around the Suntec City Convention Centre) when this Man came up to me. He introduced himself, I obliged and went “oh, I’m Renee”

IA: Oh, In-ing?

R: Re-Nee (damn it, everytime I introduce myself, no one gets it? Do I mumble ALL THE TIME?!)

IA: Oh, nice to meet you. So where are you from?

R: (knowing that it’s a career fair, wanted to make sure) What do you mean? Like, what company I’m from?

Ia: Nono… I mean, which country are you from?

R: (sarcastic)Erm, I’m Local?

Ia: Ohhh (fake uncomfortable laugh) haha…. I thought you were Chinese, like from China. Because there are a few people from China who were walking around…

R: (lost interest completely) Okay..thanks… (walk away)

KNN… Do I look Chinese?!!? I mean I know I’m Chinese, but I’m not a Chinese National damn it! I look ordinarily Singaporean, I don’t understand why people who think otherwise. And for crying out loud, if you were to be recruiting people, you don’t make comments like tat!! Sheesh…

First, I’m from the Philippines, then I’m Vietnamnese… Sigh… I just wanna be and look like a Singaporean. Grrr


Disturbing March 1, 2007

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While working today, Keith decided to msn me this disturbing link. It’s about well 2 separate cases of suicides captured on the CCTV systems of the respective MRT stations. Watch them ONLY IF you can take shocks. Some have argued that these are fake videos, others have expressed their horror (naturally), well…and the rest like the Flying Dutchman have condemned not the suicide actions, but the ethics, people who have actually got hold of the videos. Dunno lah, I just feel that it’s very disturbing to note that there are A LOT OF PEOPLE out there who are so lost, and so desperate, and well, just helpless to actually think of this very last resort – death. It is indeed very saddening that people would want to do that, to end their lives for issues that seem to hard to resolve (to them). It is a brave act but yet at the same time, an irresponsible way of escaping from problems. You leave behind not only your problems, you burden your family, friends with them. More importantly, you cause grief and evoke horrible emotions from your loved ones. I’m not even specifically going into the religious thinking of suicide.

Oh well, enough said. I’m sad enough for today… guess I’ll talk later.