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Children can be cute but… April 26, 2007

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I really rather not have any. Every camp I go re-emphasises one very simple fact – that I don’t really want to have kids. I mean kids are fun and quintessentially innocent (at least more pure than well, adults) but… nah, I can’t really imagine having more kids around 24/7… Look at my bro – he’s 11 and I feel like wringing him in the neck almost everyday.

Yeah…I’ve been doing camps and now I look like… I’m…. Malay. I mean it’s not that I don’t like Malays or anything but I’m CHinese and I want to, well… look CHinese. Oh well 🙂

I had quite good Chinese Food at Tower Club – thank you to that special someone for the treat. It was quite stressful but I enjoyed the food nonetheless. The service was good and the food was better! Did I also mention the view? We had quite a good view of Singapore’s Citiscape and it was the first time being in the Tower Club when it was pissing outside. We were actually treated to the delightful display of occasional flashes of lightnight. 🙂

Tower Club – The Chinese Dining Room
9 Raffles Place Republic Plaza Tower 1
#62 -64 Penthouse Singapore 048619

Go on…look for a member and try the food in that particular Dining Room 😉 It’s probably the same standard as Li Bai at Sheraton Towers – same concept (fine dining) and well the service is impeccable.

Sheraton Towers Singapore
39 Scotts Road
Singapore 228230
Tel: 65 6839 5623


It’s time for a Tiger April 20, 2007

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TigerTiger! Just last Thursday, I met up with my cousin and his colleagues. One of his colleagues wanted to walk her dog so…we ended up at East Coast Park. I walked with him for a while, and tricked him into running but after less than 1 min, he would pant and give up.

Tiger! The dog’s name is Tiger. (He’s far from being a tiger… i mean he’s so passive and nua…I realise most of the dogs I know are given unappropriate names) I can’t remember what its exact breed is but all I know is…Tiger’s been overfed. He’s so fat!!!!! I am quite certain I could sit on him.

Cute! Hmmm… We had to move to Maccas because it started pouring. It was quite a letdown because well…we actually wanted to walk a distance, give Tiger, well…something to do.

Owner and Tiger Tiger’s owner watching out for him

Exasperated Tiger’s refusal to do almost anything made us really tickled. Guess he was too comfortable doing what he wanted to do. 🙂 Anyway we had quite a good day. For more photos, please click here.


This is my family April 14, 2007

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HOT NEWS!!!! My brother has a girlfriend whom he insists is his (i quote in his own words) “maple GF” HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA. She’s apparantly 13 and Malalysian – half english and half chinese. He even blushed when he told me. Wellllll… I tried to probe, tease and exasperate him so I really made it really difficult for him by being the pesky sister (for once).

I questioned him about the so-called girl’s identity. I mean really, you’ll never know who is it over at the other end. “She” may claim that she’s Malaysian and she’s 13 (God, she’s 13…my brother’s only 11!!! And my gosh, I had my first and ahem, I must stress, only web-boyfriend was erm..15!!! ) but…oh well. I just found my brother’s reactions really cute and amusing when i tried to disturb him and ask him more questions.

I even asked him “so do you know what english means? where do the english come from?”. The ignorant brother happily quipped “Europe!!!” Hmmm Okkkkkk..

Next question “how do you know whether she’s a girl”. He proceeded to asking the “girl” to take off her “virtual cap” in Maple Story *rolls eyes* hahahahah really, for all you know, “she” may just be a 89-year old senile grandfather in Ireland who just takes the kick out of being someone young and well, of another gender. I’m just really amused by my brother, especially when he himself exclaimed that he’s (and I must quote in his real words) “still so young la!!!!”, yet he still tried SO DAMN HARD to convince me, of all people, that “she” is a female. And and!!! He kept texting and communicating telling “her” on the web that he LURRRRRRRRRRRVEs her. HAhahahahah ..This is more amusing than watching toddlers trip!

I antagonized the brother even more by teasing mocking him about “her” and suggesting that he should invite “her” to Singapore so he can plant a wet, slobbery kiss on her baby-smooth face.

I’m probably too bored.

What possessed meeeeeee???

Anyway my dear mother said “how can she be Chinese? Malaysians are Malays and only people from China are Chinese!” OH MY GOSH, WHAT POSSESSED MY MUM TO SAY THISSSSS, especially when my former CHINESE housemates are from Malaysia? 😛

And my brother then said something that really didn’t make sense but left me almost grabbing my stomach because I almost let out a loud cackle. He said “I’m Singaporean so I’m Singaporean-ise, like how Japanese are Japanese!!!”

Yeap… that’s my quote of the day.

Hahhaa…to see this stupid silly smirk on my brother is priceless. He’s so cluelessly funny.


CNY Part 2 March 23, 2007

Aunty Mary and I On the second day of Chinese New Year, I went to visit Terrence and his mum. Pity I only stayed for a short while because I had to go back like after an hour.

Terrence's Dog I love Princess!!! 🙂 It’s Terrence’s dog hahaha

Family Family Portrait.. Mum was complaining I didn’t put on makeup..zzz… can’t be bothered lah.

) We visited Aunty 3 (one of my grandaunts) before a couple of the guys came to my place to gamble heheheheh

Yeah…the rest of CNY was spent playing MJ, cards…can’t really remember what else I did.

GO and II only remember going for the premier of Ugly Betty with GO. HAhahaha…

Class 95's Yasmin And it was disappointing because we thought we could actually meet stars, the only person close to that was Yasmin from Class95. Oh well..*shrug*

for more photos… here…


Chinese New Year (Part/Day 1) March 21, 2007

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Yes, I’m a tad bit late but…oh well…it’s my blog. *shrug*

First batch of visitors The usual visitors who came early, were early this year. 😛 Nothing much to say about that. I did miss Persis there and then because she was in Oz.

The Yow Family The dog’s sooooo damn adorable, even more brother was playing with it. (Note: it had like a chinese outfit on him.)

Aunty One of my nannies when I was younger.

Like Family Like Family – Ever since I could remember, this family visits us EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Well… even when mama passed away. 🙂 With my limited cantonese I could piece together the story my grantaunt was relating to the rest that she was the middle person for my Aunt and Uncle…nice…

GamesCousins Unite! After the first batch of visitors, I waited an excruciating maybe 3 hours, before my cousins came! 🙂 We played cards, watched videos…just chilled.

Customary Dinner Sigh…we’re still sitting at the ‘kids’ table. Do we look like kids still???

Cousin Portrait Taking a photo before going off to watch a movie (without the brother).

Yeah..that’s the end of the first day 🙂 It’s always good to see, catch up with family and friends. It feels like only yesterday when I remember running around during CNY, esp when there were tons of ppl in my house. It’s a little quieter lately…guess after mama‘s passing, some of those irritating relatives dont really bother. Oh well *shrug* at least well there are a handful who still make the effort to meet up. More photos click here.


Please pray for my friend, Gab March 13, 2007

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Hmm I’m getting a little emotional lately. I guess alot’s been going on around me, it’s really hard to “sit and stare” (quote from one of my literature texts a loooooong time ago).

I met up with Mark last night and brought him to Glutton’s to savour some of Singapore’s finest *snigger* hawker food.

While eating, we were talking about Gabs (my cell group leader, remember the time when I mentioned about a friend having cancer?) and he told me that after going through the surgery, Gabs has been in and out of the hospital because he has been having difficulty in well, excreting (is there such a word?) and passing motion. And because of the cancer, he’s been experiencing bouts of pain, especially during night times. It is so bad that he barely sleeps. In order to curb the pain, the doctors prescribed morphine and well he hallucinates occasionally.

It’s quite upsetting to see a friend like that. I guess it hurts even more because it reminds me of mama (my grandmother). I remember blogging about it (when it all happened in 2004) when she passed on. For some reason, the talk about morphine, hallucinations, really just reminded me of mama and the time, well that period of time when I wasn’t by her bedside when all of this happened.

Call me silly, but I spoke to Ken before sleeping and well, started tearing. 😦 Oh well… Just pray for my friend pls… I mean at least pray that he doesn’t have to suffer so much.

God pls help him.


You will still be missed. March 11, 2007

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Hmm another year has passed. Today’s Mama‘s death anniversary, well at least it should be, since I overheard Mother talking to my other grandmother about her. It still feels like yesterday when well, I received the news via SMS from Mother, that Mama had passed away. 😦

Anyway today I went to the Travel fair with Nic. We spent less than 15 min there before we headed to the IT fair. I’m not really a techie so well, I just browsed through stalls, squeezing with at least 1/4 of the population of Singapore. It was CROWDED, and at least 10 people stepped on my toes. To make matters worse, there were no babes, nor hunks. Hahaha… I guess at least Nic did some shopping. This is just a passing remark but, somehow at some angles, Nic does remind me physically alot like Kangfei. I always have to shake my head and constantly tell myself that they are two different people. Oh well…Kangfei, you’ll be dearly missed, still, by many of your friends.