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Weddings! September 15, 2008

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Actually there were not that much. This year, from what I can remember, I attended 3. Hafiz’s wedding, which was the first one. The second one was Vane’s wedding held in April and the third was a recent one – K2’s wedding.

Guess I’ll be attending more when I hit the *gulP* late twenties age bracket. *chants to self – I’m still young, I’m still young*

Anyway once again..congrats to all who have gotten married! Blissful and blessed years ahead!

Nittan Gang A couple of us at Vane’s wedding – twas a good catchup esp with the babes. For more photos, click here

Sentosa minus one KK’s wedding. KK is one of my Sentosa buddies, too bad min couldn’t be there. Oh well….Congrats once again dude! For more photos, click here


the good ol’ days? September 3, 2008

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I just met up with a really old friend from my primary school. We were reminiscing about everything – from my copying of her spelling words to my classmates etc. I told her that I never liked my Primary School and I really thank God that I didn’t end up going to the secondary school that had a love bridge connected to another notorious school. The school was filled with bitchiness and I just probably hated every bit of it. Those 6 years there were probably my most miserable.

I was telling her that she was the only primary school friend whom I keep in touch with and it’s no surprise as well, I just wasn’t able to communicate on the same level with the rest of my friends. They wanted to take off their belts and rebel, swear… I on the other hand, was just too lazy to bother about being cool and bitchy Hahaha… maybe i was too soft-spoken, maybe i was even introverted (hur hur, much to many people’s disbelief, it’s true lah!)

Anyway this friend of mine is married already! I’m so happy for her! 🙂 Yet another friend who’s married already but yeah, I’m really happy for her. It was a good time of catching up and it kinda dawned on us that we were friends for almost 2 decades! How scary is that! She kept saying that we were not getting any younger and when was my turn… hahaha… oh well, we’ll just have to wait and see after Oct08 – the make or break talk.

I’m right now just very thankful to God for my friends from secondary school alllllll the way to uni days, esp those close ones who have seen me through my ups and downs. 🙂


Days were the those… May 19, 2008

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I Reckong I used this title before but who cares eh? I’m just thinking, reminiscing about the time since I came back…since December 2005. Wow… how time flies. That’s all I can say…

Just after graduation it was a jam-packed December 05 from partying, to drinking sessions, to meetups with my loved ones both in Singapore and Aus… Man… Those were the days.

Then came Jan05 which was jammed with meeting up with people, birthday celebrations etc… Here I was with Byron. He was as usual teasing me about everything and anything. I miss my long hair… Those were the days

Meetup with my secondary school mates… Those were the days

I Remember my pact with my dear sista, meng. We decided to don on our AC uniforms and pretend to be students for just a day. hahahahha…those were the days

Did i mention partying and more drinking…all the way till…i dunno when?? 😛 tsk… those were the days…

Helping silly ren ren do something in Feb 05…tsk… hahhaa those were the days…

CNY Came and went…kinda pulled me through till I got my first job… hahaha Those were the days…

Oops…getting drunk on the eve of CNY 05 – tsk…

Oh oh…learning how to wakeboard!!! 😛 Tat was my first lesson in Feb05

2006 was just hard to describe – it was bitter yet it was sweet. I made tons of great friends and met up with my all time greaties too. I was at my lowest (much to point and brink of depression) but I had the time of my life too. It is really hard to describe 2006 with a word but I’m glad whatever happened happened cos, nothing happened was too stupid to be called a regret. PLUS JOE BARRYMORE CAME TO TOWN, that really made my year! And yeah seriously I’m really glad that my friends were there when I was in the pits. They probably knew whatever I did then was wrong but they still comforted me, and stood by me. The ever deserving friends who were willing to come to my place at 2am in the morning. And even though I was so far far away from God then, I was so glad that he provided so much like friends who kept me sane and away from wanting to do something foolish. Really I’ve to thank God and thank God for all of my friends . You guys are a gem and i really really really appreciate you and thank you for running alongside with me in 2006. Man…really, and truly…those were the days…


The guessing game January 16, 2008

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At home now…grrr…on MC. Doc claims it’s tonsilitis (can’t spell, and can’t be bothered) Heh so I’ll spend today…watching my 9pm show on youtube hur hur.

Annnyywayy A couple of us celebrated an early Christmas by stuffing ourselves silly and well…playing pictionary. Yes, pictionary… sounds loser-ish but wait till you see what people can come up with.

shy boy's work Say for example a good friend’s drawing – please try guessing what it is… (The answer will be revealed later)

1) I’ve changed my number…bought a new phone because my other phone couldn’t work. Grrr…The number’s 9224 6266
2) I can’t really remember…so…the answer for the above picture is….*drum roll* ZebRa 🙂 And Noo…it’s not a 2-year-old that drew this…He’s the same age as me. Go figure. 😛


Meetups June 23, 2007

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Hmmmm I’ve been pretty busy to even update.Guess i’m getting lazy also. Most of what I want to say is somewhere else so yeah. Anyway for the past few weeks since Gabs’ passing, I’ve been going out with friends. From my former trainee counterparties to my secondary school best buddies. Next week should be another busy week for me since I’m starting work so yeah… 🙂

[rockyou id=74346659&w=600&h=200]


Happy Birthday Dommieeeeee June 4, 2007

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dommiiieeDear Mr Eu Kum Wah (erm..hope i got that right),

Happy blessed birthday to you! Time really flies eh? I mean we’ve known each other for practically 7-8 years! Just wanna take this opportunity to wish you a happy happy birthday! May God continue to provide richly and bless you greatly (with your sweet girlfriend and of coruse cute friends like me :P), even as you press on in your journey with him 🙂 Thanks also, for being such a great concerned buddy when I was down and all! Take care for now and….meet up soon!

From your ex girlfriend (HUR HUR HUR), renziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 🙂


Thanks guys… June 2, 2007

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a quick shoutout to those who messaged me during the tough period. Your love goes a long way and I love you all!!!

Quickies to those who contacted me after finding out about, Gabs…Mr Dodgy, Kenneth, Ah Kor (Danny), Susu, Karena, Fiona, Nielle, Geok Pei, Avril, Juls, Winston, Lionel Ng, Jas (my cousin), Jon T,….

Thanks also, to those who just thought of message/call me out of the blue and well, basically consoled me as well…thanks to Kee kee, Chengy, Cindy Vo, Jan Sin, Pseudo Boyfriend, Randall, Derrick, Derong, Mark Harrison, Seann and whoever I missed out.

Really appreciate it. And for the rest who well I’ve left out (and have actually asked to pray for Gabs in one way or other), thanks so much! Love you guys!!!