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Adventures of the gay man and old man June 2, 2007

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By popular demand the request of the two guys, I’m supposed to put up THEIR handsome faces on my blog *shrug* Oh well… anyway met up with them in April (if I’m not wrong) and we were at St James Powerhouse. It wasn’t too bad but maybe I’m really getting old 😛

Smile for the camey! Too bad we didnt get a shot of well, all who were present. (I look a little burnt eh)

The high, old man Greg, the HIGH old man….

ahahaha Just a couple of us, with marky…

high old man again…while the high, old man seemed oblivious to everything else.

dancing partnersCarry me through…okok, he wasn’t that oblivious….he made us dance and carried me! 😛 hahahaha

A couple of us Yeah…it was a good night I must say. I’m glad marky still remembered me when he came down the other day 🙂 For more photos, click here.


You will be dearly missed, Gabs (2 Sam 1:19-27) May 28, 2007

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Gabs and I(19) The glory, O Israel, is dead on your high places! How have the great ones been made low! (20) Give no news of it in Gath, let it not be said in the streets of Ashkelon; or the daughters of the Philistines will be glad, the daughters of men without circumcision will be uplifted in joy. (21) O mountains of Gilboa, let there be no dew or rain on you, you fields of death: for there the arms of the strong have been shamed, the arms of Saul, as if he had not been marked with the holy oil. (22) From the blood of the dead, from the fat of the strong, the bow of Gabriel was not turned back, the sword of Gabriel did not come back unused. (23) Gabriel was loved and pleasing; in his life and in his death he was not parted; he went more quickly than eagles, he was stronger than lions. (24) O daughters of Israel, have sorrow for Gabriel, by whom you were delicately clothed in robes of red, with ornaments of gold on your dresses. (25) How have the great ones been made low in the fight! Gabriel is dead on your high places.

(26) I am full of grief for you, my brother Gabriel: very dear have you been to me: your love for me was a wonder, greater than the love of women. (27) How have the great ones been made low, and the arms of war broken!


Will you still love me tomorrow? May 25, 2007

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I was out again last night, speaking most of my time after work at the hospital. He’s still in almost a vegetative state, hardly moving because of the probable pain (I only can imagine). According to his mum, he was responding occasionally in the afternoon by nodding slightly and making small audible sounds. Even though he’s physically weak, he’s still a strong tiger on the inside I reckon. I mean, even the doctors warned the family 2 days ago that he was given a few hours to a few days, and he’s still here, amazingly.

Was talking to one of his friends (Eu Lee) during dinner and well, I found out more about Gabs. It’s amazing what you don’t know about your friends sometimes 🙂 Well… I’m still praying for him, at least to curb his pain and be as comfortable as possible. Please continue lifting him up in prayer.

Hmm…was thinking about Monday, when something happened in the hospital that stunned me,and probably some of his friends. For some reason, this song came to mind…

Is this a lasting treasure
Or just a moment’s pleasure?
Can I believe the magic in your sighs?
Will you still love me tomarrow?

Tonight with words unspoken
You say that I’m the only one
But will my heart be broken
When the night meets the morning sun?

I’d like to know that your love
Is love I can be sure of
So tell me now, and I won’t ask again
Will you still love me tomorrow?


. May 24, 2007

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Yesterday was my 2nd time meeting him. how can anyone so skinny lose even more weight? the cancer’s spreading again and it’s infecting some other parts of his body. when the doc commented that all we could do, other than the option of sedating him, and the only other thing to do was to make him feel less pain. seeing him half conscious most of my 6 hours there with him made me feel dejected. I can’t imagine how the family members could have coped till now.

I guess all we can do is to pray for him still.


Day 1 May 22, 2007

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I took a cab to the Singapore General Hospital (down at Outram). I finally got hold of Gabs, well… through Betsy, his girlfriend. She gave me the details and I knew I wanted to go see him.

Prior to that, I got an sms from my cousin saying that Gabs’ condition is pretty critical. This was six in the morning. After I received that message, I couldn’t sleep. All I could do was pray for him.

When I stepped into the hospital and went to the correct level, I searched for the wards. Damn those wards, they’re so confusing! Finally when I reached Gabs’ ward, I walked in, but I couldn’t locate Gabs, nor Betsy. So I walked out and checked the ward tag. I paced up and down the corridoor, and sneaked a few peaks into other wards, hoping to see Gabs, but to no avail. Finally I relented and went to ask the nurse, “Is gabriel staying in one of the wards?”

The nurse smiled and returned sweet sounding reply, a vast contrast to well the deathly sounds of hospitals, “he’s at bed 5” and ushered me to the ward.

There he was……….


I couldn’t even recognise Gabs. I even had to get a reconfirmation that it was Gabs because I turned to his friends, who gave me the “yes, that’s Gabs” look. I walked gingerly towards Gabs and he stretched out his beyond-skinny left arm to greet me. I grabbed his hand and greeted him, and at that split second I almost cried.

He looked so weak, so pale. His cheeks were all sunkened in and I could see every bone sticking out of his body. He looked almost in his mid-forties, a far cry from what he’s supposed to be. He was so skinnier than any anorexic friend of mine. When he spoke to me, it was hardly audible because he was pretty weak but after having a short conversation with him, I moved away to let someone else sit and talk to him.

I was then looking at his photos, a compilation that his girlfriend made and there and then, I started crying. I didn’t know what came over me, but I guess I was overwhelmed by shock mainly, that my good friend is a third of his size and that he’s hardly recognisable. In a short span of 5 months, he lost that much weight.

The only thing that he’s still steadfast is that he’s smiling and still clinging on to God. And for that I’m more moved by it.

Please continue to pray for my friend. He’s hallucinating from time to time and he’s very very weak. Pray for his family and gf as well, that they’re able to cope well as the demands to take care of him increases.



You were right. May 17, 2007

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I recommend getting your heart trampled on to anyone
I recommend walking around naked in your living room
Swallow it down (what a jagged little pill)
It feels so good (swimming in your stomach)
Wait until the dust settles

You live you learn
You love you learn
You cry you learn
You lose you learn
You bleed you learn
You scream you learn

I recommend biting off more then you can chew to anyone
I certainly do
I recommend sticking your foot in your mouth at any time
Feel free
Throw it down (the caution blocks you from the wind)
Hold it up (to the rays)
You wait and see when the smoke clears

You live you learn
You love you learn
You cry you learn
You lose you learn
You bleed you learn
You scream you learn

You grieve you learn
You choke you learn
You laugh you learn
You choose you learn
You pray you learn
You ask you learn
You live you learn


Today, I’ve been severely distracted due to various reasons. And at some point, I thought of one person – Ken. He used to own the pub outside my place and late last year he sold the business. It did upset me but I knew it was coming because he was looking for potential buyers for the longest time. I FINALLY found his photo in (the later part of 2006) inmy other blog and decided to put it here. Ken and I

Well, my dear, I know you don’t read this but I really miss you (mental note to message the bugger after I type this). And guess what, you were right about something and thanks for warning me. Too bad I didn’t heed your advice but hmmm guess we live, we learn yeah? I hope to meet up with you really soon, have a few drinks, and shamelessly close your eyes AND still beat me in pool!



The meetup, AGAIN. April 28, 2007

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The babes have been meeting up every single month, at least once a month. A couple of us meet up even more once a week. Well…I’m very glad to have met them in the very company that brought us together – we were all trainees then. Now, most of us have moved on already. 🙂 I’m a little sleepy so if whatever sentences didn’t make sense, please forgive me. The whole lot of us met up at Oosh – we chilled and well, caught up. I’m still very glad that we still meet up once in a while.

My new hairstyleGerri and CindyJuls and Avril6 of us The 6 of us were the first to arrive.

Then more joined us Then more people joined us. Hehe, which of course added to the loudness of our group. Think some patrons were quite irritated with us because we were sooooo noisy *shrug*

Avril Avril and her…well…erm…her addition condiment – I’m really trying hard not make it sound off.

Kawai! Kawai!!! Hahahaha…

A few more of us The former workers of THAT place.

Mocking me At the other end of the table, the girls were mocking me. They claimed that well, I always take photos the same way, with my head tilted to one side and beat this like some Japanese chick (posing with two fingers) but but…

hehehe ….oh well..if u can’t beat them, join them! 😉

ffoooorrr mooooreeee photos…click here!