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Selamat Marraige!!! February 25, 2008

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erm…selamat is happy right? 😛

Well yesterday was one of my secondary school classmates’ wedding. It was nice to see some people and even my form teacher! Try spotting her in the photo – she’s quite a mama I tell you, hot mama. Anyway we caught up with a few others and I learnt about some not-so-surprising news hahaha… Oh well. It was just a good time. Once again, Hafiz, have a happy marraige and like what my video said, have many children, enough to form a soccer team 😉


We ARE getting older July 21, 2007

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I was blog-surfing after a LOOOOOONG time since I really don’t have much of a mood to use the computer after work and guess what? My dear gao, our beloved class monitor, wrote about well…jc life. It really did bring back fond memories. What I could remember clearly was just having endless amounts of fun, the really jack-ass kinds. Hahaha… I mean, who wouldn’t have fun with people like my dear ah-pa (jon teo), gaothebao and even my dearest geok pei? When gao mentioned about pissing outside the PE teacher’s room, it really brought me back through memory lane because i was present! No..i wasn’t watching him pee (why would I anyway) but I was watching out for teachers 😛 HAHAHAHA oh well… i looked weird in jc man… ulgh hahha and even in secondary sch….ulghh

ulgh Check out this photo I took (on the left) in secondary 4! what theeeeeee….kill me someone…i actually really look like conan (my nick in jc)…bleah! (do i look different? these two photos are 8 years apart btw)

Anyway as I was saying…Jc, secondary school seemed like a long time ago. Seconds become minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days, days to weeks, weeks to years…It’s been a decade since I was in Secondary School. How scary’s that. Soon enough most of my friends will get married and yeah…time flies scarily quick. Sigh… I wanna go back to the good old days of pure playing!!!

Speakin of playing…a couple of us were out playing last night. Karen, gao, nic and I were at Zouk rubbing shoulders and dancing with smelly army boys, skantily-clad chicks,… 🙂 hHAHAHAH it has been quite some time since we partied and boyyyy we’re really getting old. Sigh… hahah,,,, but it was a good time i must say, watching gao dance (with his signature moves), hot nic dancing away and my best friend dancing next to me…does bring back alot of memories…what else can I ask for?


Chor Lor is my middle name. May 14, 2007

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I wrote this on Saturday and unfortunately, I was unable to even log onto wordpress then…


I finally got back my diaries from Karen. If I’m not wrong I’ve about 14 diaries to my name.
These diaries are priceless I tell you (and yes, if there’s a fire in my house, one of the things I would grab is the bag of diaries).

I’ve been writing diaries since I was in Primary School. Then, my form teacher was telling the class that if we adopted the habit of writing diaries, our command of the English Language would improve dramatically and yes, naive chubby little Renee followed Mrs Tan’s advice. I haven’t stopped since. I mean the means of penning down my thoughts have only been electronically stored but other than that… I guess it’s still the same eh?

I was going through one of the many diaries I had and I really had a good laugh. For this particular diary, I shared it with Catherine, one of my close buddies from my ECA group in secondary school (ie Geylang Methodist Secondary School Concert Band). This book had mainly my thoughts because most of the time when Cat possessed the book, she would be too busy studying, and ahhh….well, I had a lot of time, since I wasn’t studying much. I spent most of my afternoons indulging in my silly monologues.

“…On the way I saw my friend (one of my kors) so (you know my usual slap on the back?) I just slapped him and jokingly asked for my CD-rom game back. To my surprise, he got so mad, he just lashed out at me! 😐 yeah! He just walked off, so me, the dummy, stood there for a while before I went to join Xiu and Eemin! Hai! Then the two said I was so tom-boyish.” [16 Jan 2000 – 11.11pm]

“…After the movie, I went with Anne to buy things, I bought earrings and a chain. 😛 I broke my chain that day….you know how? I was working and suddenly I just pretended I was being robbed and…er… heh! I pulled out my chain…it obviously broke lah! 😛 hehe! So rough eh?” [23 Feb 2000 – 1.15pm]

I noticed in at least 2 entries when I mentioned that I was very very rough. I was tickled because yes, I was known to be one of the boys, even in secondary school. I was even more amused at the second excerpt because I simply can’t believe how boliao I was. Anyway speaking of being boisterous, Oh well *shrug* It hasn’t changed much I suppose. I’ve changed a little, become slightly more lady-like, so I think! 🙂

So much memories… I shall take today to read this diary and laugh at myself. Some childish moments, frustrating teenage moments and classic Renzi-sms ought to be savoured from time to time…


Today, we shall declare it as….Aston’s Day! January 15, 2007

I know this is looooong overdue but who cares? =p

Hungry women are angry women!After church, on the 31st of December (New Year’s Eve), Jinx and I decided to try Aston’s since everyone was raving about it. We were actually tempted to try the wagyu beef was pretty steep so, we settled for somethign cheaper.

YummmMMMyyy It was a gooooood meal I must say.

Look of satisfaction! I was pretty satisfied with the place, other than the having to look at a woman (in a skirt) spreading her legs in front of my face and wait for friggin one hour before we got a table. For those who are interested to try out Aston’s PLEASE CALL TO RESERVE!!!

Astons Specialties
119 East Coast Road
Singapore 428806
Tel: 62477857 / 91474627

Zac and I I then met Mr Lim for a movie before I had to rush home (well sorta) with Mr R Lim for the NYE party at hommmmeeee

We met once celebrate the turn of another year Jinx and I, again, had a moment again… toasting to a new year!

At Wine Company, Demsey Just the four of us, having a quiet evening in Demsey. I like something like that. No fuss, no extreme screaming . Just some place nice and quiet. Oh, and I must add, the service is pretty good. Thumbs up!

The Wine Company @ Dempsey
Block 14-3, Dempsey Road Singapore 249688
Tel: 6479 9341

There’s another place that’s good to chill. Will update soon. Can’t remember what it’s called. =)

So there…my NYE… =) For more photos, click here.


Amused (re: my mum) January 11, 2007

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Just the other day, I came home pretty early (apprx 10.30pm after meeting Nielle and Jinx). I switched on the computer and started chatting on MSN.

The next thing I knew it, Mother started up her computer. I found it a little wierd because she usually checks her emails earlier during the day but of course I disregarded that.

Suddenly, she turned and asked “how’s work?”. I was slightly stunned. I didn’t expect to have any form of conversation with her. I mumbled “erm…it’s okay lor” and went back to my typing.

There was this moment of silence before I resumed chatting on MSN. In a matter of seconds, she turned to me and asked another awkward question

What happened to the two guys?

I was even more surprised. I said “they’re over already what”. I quickly turned back to the computer and from the corner of my eye, Mum looked significantly surprised, even though she tried to hide it. She kept probing about Mr L and I kept insisting that I already told her what happened.

She did deny it of course. Then…she asked one really funny question, which caught me off-guard:

Then what about Rongyang?

At that split moment, I cracked up. I couldn’t really concentrate chatting anymore. I cleared the air with Mum, explaining to her as slowly and concisely (is there such a word) as I could that…he was just a very close friend, a close secondary school friend whom I’ve been hanging out quite alot. It suddenly reminded me of what Keith said and mannn…it really made me laugh, made my day even.

Mum’s really funny I tell you. She keeps thinking I’m with people I’m so damn close to. It’s really like incest. I know them too well. Tsk.

Haha..come to think of it, I should have scared her, telling her I gave up hope on guys and have decided to be lesbian. *grin* Oh well…mums will be mums won’t they?


Christmas Eve’s Eve January 8, 2007

Ahh..that’s the day that changed so much of my life the year before but oh well, that’s the past. Anyway before I met Jackie, I caught up with my two favourite boys (it’s soooo hard to get Alvin nowadays…zzz)

My favourite boys Caught a movie with the boys before we wandered around. We managed to see the beautiful display of lights and deco in Taka. =)

Mont Blanc wallet for me pls!!! I then met up with Dom and Karen. We searched hi and low for a suitable wallet for Dom’s dear. Guess where we were!? Hahaha… No prizes for that. One funny moment’s when Karen exclaimed “WAHHHHH…can I be your girlfriend ah,…so you can buy me a nice wallet”. I turned to Dom and said, almost sheepishly, “ermm…I can’t say that because you’re my ex!” HAHAHAHAHAHAH

My boys Another two of my favourite boys. Hehehe… YEap…after shopping, we met up with Jon Teo as well. One of my first times meeting him since he was back. ($#*@$&#@($

It was indeed a tiring day. I met up with my Secondary school mates, my JC friends and my Uni buddies. =)

For more photos taken on a very memorable day (including Jackie’s photos), click here.


Christmas isn’t Christmas… January 4, 2007

A first long weekend in a while and on Christmas, I met up with my relatives for our usual meet-up.

Swenson's, United Square My customary lunch with the relatives. The group seems slightly smaller each year.

A couple of us My cousin, his gal and my grand aunt. My cousin, let’s call him lolo (that’s his nickname, been calling him that since I could remember), brought his girlfriend for the gathering. It was his first time bringing someone for our “inspection”. My dad HAD TO be the shit-stirrer, he joked, reassured her saying “don’t woooorrrry, you’re the first girl he brought to us” and dramatically winked at Lolo. Yeeeaaap, that’s my dad.

1st generation The first generation, having kopi.

Adults The parents of lot, also having kopi.

Ahhhh..the youngters...well, the older youngsters Us, with the chao extras. hehee… The older youngsters. Ah, we’re finally growing up.

Coffee sessions Coffee sessions with my cousins, what more can I ask for?

Just us... FINALLY. A decent shot of just us. I can’t wait to see them end January again. I love them!!!

With the boys Out with the boys at night. FIRST TIME, in a long while, that I’m taking a photo with Keith (with another person in the photo – he hates taking photos in threes) Anyway we were at the M Hotel, having ala carte buffet. It wasn’t too bad, considering, it was friggin 60 bucks per person!!! Heh, but because it’s dear Mr Loy’s birthday, I thought of being nice to the birthday boy – treated him lor.

A year older! A year older, a year wiser Mr Loy!!!

My Pseudo Boyfriend for now...hahaha! Mr R Lim and I =) He’s one of my great buddies who helped me through last year! Love ya!!!

Yeah, so there, I ended my Christmas on a mellow note. We were at the Wine Company along Dempsey Road for an hour or so before we headed home. NIceeeeee….I mean I thoroughly enjoyed my Christmas. Christmas isn’t Christmas without your friends and family. =)

The Wine Company @ Dempsey
Block 14-3, Dempsey Road
S’ 249688

For more photos, click here.