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ST’s quote of the day December 15, 2006

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I was walking with ST to grab lunch, when I lamented to him about my health. He advised me to take care because well, ultimately my body will pay for all the shit I do to it. He also mentioned this that I thought was quite interesting, especially coming from a man who suffered from a heart attack close to 3 years back:

Life is short, don’t shorten it.

Hahaha… How true is that. I guess I have to start taking care.

OK, I’ll try my best!


12 Days before Christmas December 13, 2006

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I can’t wait to start singing that 12 days of Christmas song. Hmm nothing much to say for now excepttttttt for the fact that we have to watch our diets because of the nature of this season!

According to this particular website, in order not to gain too much weight during this festive season, there are certain items that we can choose, or at least try to grab, to eat.

1. Pumpkin: Pumpkin is a remarkably healthy ingredient, providing 3 1/2 times the recommended daily allowance of vitamin A and a lot of fiber per half-cup serving. Pureed pumpkin lends itself to healthy cooking. It can, like applesauce and prune puree, replace fat in baked goods without giving them a rubbery texture.

2. Roast Turkey: Serve up three ounces of skinless turkey breast and you get a whopping 20 grams of protein with practically no fat. All that and only 100 calories. Plus you fill 25 percent of your daily need for niacin and vitamin B6.

3. Sweet Potatoes: Ounce for ounce, they have as much beta-carotene as carrots. A mere four ounces contain 50 percent of your daily requirement of vitamin C, as much potassium as a banana and a good amount of fiber. All this adds up to one terrific disease-fighting food!

4. Cranberry Relish: There’s a substance in cranberries that helps prevent urinary tract infections by interfering with the ability of bacteria to adhere to cell membranes. Cranberries also contain a potentially cancer-preventing compound called ellagic acid. Make a fresh orange-cranberry relish and get added benefit from the vitamin C in oranges.

5. Potatoes: Whether mashed or in latkes, potatoes are good food. They contain loads of vitamin C and potassium, plus fiber, iron, copper and plenty of B vitamins. Boiling potatoes will destroy some of the vitamin C and dissolve some of the rest of it into the cooking water. To help preserve the vitamin C content, use some of the cooking water instead of milk or cream when mashing them.

6. Figgy Pudding: Figs help make the pudding a nutritional gold mine. They are a good source of potassium, calcium, magnesium and niacin, plus they have a natural laxative effect.

7. Eggnog: Choose only the low-fat variety and enjoy a holiday tradition while getting a good amount of protein and some calcium. (Just be sure not to drink too much, since there’s still lots of sugar and calories in even the low-fat version.)

Happy healthy eating!