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Wanna join my club? April 11, 2007

I’ve been pretty busy, not with work but really just staying at home (especially when no one’s home) and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. Of course the occasional “friendly” reminders from my head informs jabs me and politely tells screams at me to look for a job (grr…I HAVE BEEN ACTIVELY SENDINg OUT RESUMES!!!) Heh

Well.. nothing much to complain, since I’m out of a job 🙂 What I can say is I’ve been assigned a prestigous position of being the President of the Zuo Bo (Lan) Clan. Everyday after checking my emails, checking my mobile for missed calls, sending more resumes, checking my emails and checking my mobile for missed calls, (did I just repeat myself, gosh I’m getting forgetful), I embark on my daily regime of…doing nothing. Occasionally I stone, sometimes I doze off in my parents’ room (if it’s not too warm), and of late, I’ve been going out.

Let’s see…today I went for a short gym session with my Vice President of the Zuo Bo Clan. Well, being bestowed a task of handling many other fortunate zuo bo-ers, image is important. Moreover keeping fit is the way to go. Our secretary then informed us that we had to go for lunch with our dear mates from our previous work-and-treated-like-a-dog Clan. Later I have an appointment with a dear friend who is unfortunately…working. He was invited to the Oosh Opening Ceremony and he thought he might as well bring a person of high status to go with him – the President of the Zuo Bo Clan. 🙂

Yesterday, after an important meeting with a member of another unfortunate clan, I met up with the Vice President (Julia), the Secretary (Christie) and a mate of our previous work-and-treated-like-a-dog Clan. We had a good lunch, caught up on the latest happenings and shared certain tidbits of good news with one another. The Secretary and I went for a horrible movie thereafter (it’s called Sunshine. Please do not waste your time watching trash like that), before heading back to doing what I do best – Zuo bo. I spent the previous day (Monday) also catching up with the other members of the Zuo Bo Clan – we had Fish & Co and spent 2 hours productively did nothing. Sunday was spent sleeping and watching tv – Yes, the President of the Zuo Bo Clan has so much to do.

usWhat I can remember, doing on Saturday other than Cell Group, is going with the girls for lunch after gym. The food was good! Will write more about that later! (eeks..ugly photo alert)

Keith and IPseudo and I)Outing at Wala WAlas And on Friday, I went to Wala Wala’s with the lot. The music wasn’t too bad but for some reason it was too “rock” for me – gosh I’m getting old. The Band was the Unexpected (if i’m not wrong) and the drummer is like SOOOO DAMN COOOL!!!!

) And like I mentioned earlier, I had Indian food with my dear girls. This is as exciting as it gets, for my life at least.

I know being a Zuo Bo-er is hard work, especially with a lot more lined and planned up after you decide to join this club. After understanding what I do, like the occasional treats for myself (like orgasmic facials…) and the meetups with people, I’m sure you’re tempted… Well, why wait, what the hell, I’ll waive off registration fees and I’ll absorb all costs. Hence, to join the Zuo Bo Clan is FREE! Come on! Don’t be shy. You’ll also enjoy a lifetime supply of eating air, drinking tap water and living off your parents. That’s a good tradeoff and you should at least have a free trial. Call my secretary if you have any further enquiries. And lastly I end off with this quote from my good friend

“to be a zuo bo-er, you must first cut off ties with the other clans”

have a good day.

(for more photos click here)


BIG FISH March 22, 2007

There’s a time when a man needs to fight and a time when he needs to accept that his destiny’s lost, the ship has sailed and that only a fool will continue. The truth is I’ve always been a fool.

That was a quote from Big Fish (the movie) by Tim Burton. It’s a dramedy about love, adventure, family ties…. I mean, it’s a MUST-WATCH! hahaha I was crying at the end of the movie, along with the rest of the gals and I’m sure the whole group of them (Charms, Alvina and Sharon) would definitely agree with me that the movie’s good. Anyway that’s not my point in this entry. I wanna talk about another BIG FISH, a restaurant that I patronised last Saturday, after I met up with the gals (CK, AS, JS and GO).

The first time I visited this place was with GO and a client. I was pretty impressed with the fish&chips. Well, it was simple but good, on par with the Oz standards. 🙂

Well…I was tempted to take photos but for some reason I stopped myself. Ulgh…the photo whore not taking photos….sigh… Oh well, but I must recommend the Antipasto…it was SUPERB! It’s a must-eat! 5 simple sides which leave you wanting more! The rest of what we tried (the Mahi Mahi and Halibut were equally good because of the freshness). It was served fine dining style.

Paid quite a hefty sum for it. 120 for two people (but of course…. we ordered 1 antipasto, 1 soup, 2 mains, and 2 desserts)….ulgh… but oh well…it’s a for a very special person for his special day, guess it was worth it.

You should try it. BIG FISH…remember the name.

BIG FISH Seafood Grill
85 Upper East Coast Road
Singapore 455222
Tel: 64416920


A 300 workout March 21, 2007

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In light of what I said about 300, I found the workout that the actors in 300 were forced had to do. The website claims that the actors had to go through full body compound training, which includes sets of Squats, deadlifts, pullups, pushups, kettlebell cleans, kettlebell snatches, overhead presses.

I also found another site for a 300 workout for girls! Hmm I shall aim to do this by the end of the year, since I’m sick at the moment and can’t do shit now.

Renzi shall aim to do the 300 reps as well, for girls that is.

25x Pull-ups @ 50lbs assistance
50x Deadlift @ 70lbs
50x Push-ups
50x Box Jump @ 12” box
50x Sit-ups
50x Dumbbell Clean and Press @ 20lbs (DB must touch floor between reps)
25x Pull-ups @ 50lbs assistance

I CAN DO IT (and be lean :P)

Another site to watch out – the strippers workout.


Tom Wisdom is my lovvvvveeeeeeee March 20, 2007

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I caught 300 (yes finally) with Ken, Jon and Derong. I went without expecting anything because I was actually quite reluctant to even go for the damn movie in the first place (and Jon T. kept RAVING about it).

The movie caught me by surprise. I mean it was not about the gore and blood (and naked women from time to time) but I was actually stunned by well the CG as well as…the half-naked men strutting around hahahahha. *drool* Nah lah, I mean…the fact that I wasn’t even bored showed something. I was very very impressed by the fighting scenes, especially the first actual fight/battle between the Spartans and Persians. The layers of Spartans who tactically forced the Persians to fight at a disadvantage was masterfully displayed. The level of coordination, teamwork and sheer intensity was present. It was such a superb, thrilling experience to watch that I caught myself gaping and exclaiming “WOW” from time to time. Hahaha…

Here’s the video (not so good lah the quality) of the first battle 🙂

Well…go watch this show…you HAVE TO WATCH it in the theatre! And btw…Tom Wisdom is like HOW HOT!!!!!!!!

And yeah…introducing…TOM WISDOM!!! My hunky love *drool* 😛


I admit February 7, 2007

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I admit…I was bored during lunch duty. I was actually looking through this website because I was once again reminded by Jon Leong about…TMNT!!! I took a look at the turtles’ profiles and among all, I feel that I’m most like RAPHAEL. He sounds a little jaded like me, and extremely skeptical. Oh well…we need people like that (like meeee) in this world as well. 😉

Deviating and moving on, Hahaha.. I can’t wait for the movie to be launched on the 30th March. Do keep a look out for the turtles in a half shell yeah? It’s gonna be a blast of a movie.

chrisglass.gifTURTLE POWER!


Who will disturb my sleep next? January 19, 2007

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Two nights ago, I was feeling reeeeeeally tired so I turned in early. In the middle of the night, approximately 12 midnight, my phone started to ring. It was actually GO who called me to ask about the alcohol. (#$*&@*($#

And you know what? Last night, I went out with my gals and borrowed the car from Dad. I came home around 11 and went to bed almost immediately. Before I knew it, I received a phonecall at about 12. It was my mother. My conversation went like this…

Renzi: (Groggily) Hello?
Mum: (irritated) Where are you now??
R: (confused, and still groggy) Huh?? I’m sleeping…
M: (shocked) WHAT?!?! You’re sleeping while driving???
R: Huh??? I’m sleeping, like I’m at home!??!
M: (taken aback) Oh… you’re at home eh? (tone changes to being apologetic, laughed nervously) Oh…HUR HUR HUR… I didn’t hear you come back. I was waiting up for you…….
R: (flabbergasted, puts down the phone)

My mum….mums for you…. tsk…

Mannnnnn…I hope no one wakes me up today, because I realllllly need to sleep properly.


4 Days to Christmas – watch Love Actually again? December 21, 2006

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Every year, I look forward to the season’s Christmas movie. I’m pretty satisfied with The Holiday. Predictable but good nonetheless. However, my all-time favourite is Love Actually. I have actually watched it at least 5 times, beat that! Hehe…anyway here are my favourite quotes from the movie (the ones in bold are the ones I actually agree with):

Sam: But you know the thing about romance is people only get together right at the very end.

Daniel: Tell her that you love her. You’ve got nothing to lose, and you’ll always regret it if you don’t

Karl: Life is full of interruptions and complications.

Mark: But for now, let me say – Without hope or agenda – Just because it’s Christmas – And at Christmas you tell the truth – To me, you are perfect – And my wasted heart will love you – Until you look like this

Daniel: Well, you know – I thought it might be something worse.
Sam: [incredulous] Worse than the total agony of being in love?
Daniel: Oh. No, you’re right. Yeah, total agony.

Billy Mack: Christmas is a time for people with someone they love in their lives.

Billy Mack: Hiya kids. Here is an important message from your Uncle Bill. Don’t buy drugs. Become a pop star, and they give you them for free.

Daniel: You’ve seen the films, kiddo. It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

Billy Mack: And I realized that as dire chance and fateful cockup would have it, here I am, mid 50s, and without knowing it I’ve gone and spent most of my adult life with a chubby employee. And much as it grieves me to say it, it might be that the people I love is, in fact… you.

The President: I’ll give you anything you ask for – as long as it’s not something I don’t want to give.

Jamie: I love you even when you’re sick and look disgusting.

Mia: I don’t want something I need. I want something I want – something pretty.