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Weddings! September 15, 2008

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Actually there were not that much. This year, from what I can remember, I attended 3. Hafiz’s wedding, which was the first one. The second one was Vane’s wedding held in April and the third was a recent one – K2’s wedding.

Guess I’ll be attending more when I hit the *gulP* late twenties age bracket. *chants to self – I’m still young, I’m still young*

Anyway once again..congrats to all who have gotten married! Blissful and blessed years ahead!

Nittan Gang A couple of us at Vane’s wedding – twas a good catchup esp with the babes. For more photos, click here

Sentosa minus one KK’s wedding. KK is one of my Sentosa buddies, too bad min couldn’t be there. Oh well….Congrats once again dude! For more photos, click here


An eventful 1.5 weeks. December 1, 2007

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I’m soooooooo tired. In fact I think I’m more tired than when I first started off with my leave. But of course I won’t complain any further for the fear of being stoned. hahahaha

breathtaking After my yummy dinner w Avril and a few others and my first ENCHANTED movie the night before, I woke up bright and early to make my first trip to PULAU UBIN! It was my first time and yes…i’m a suaku no more! Well this lake took my breath away. The lake was CLEAR and well, I don’t suppose you’ll see this anywhere else in Singapore, no? Isn’t it beautiful?

Everyday is a winding road Yeah, I was trying to catch up with EuLee more often than not, especially when we were going up slopes.

Watching the roadTechniques of cycling Renzi’s techniques for cycling. First, try not to fall down…Second, if you do fall, do it with grace 😛

Ginseng?? It was a good time, especially when we dropped by this shop. This uncle was explaining to a few of us the medicinal values of certain roots, plants (like the roots in the pictures, apparantly they have qualities of cleansing the blood). VERY VERY INTERSTING. Sadly I reckon most of this people who lead really simple lives have so much knowledge but very few will be passed down to the next generation – most of it will remain with them in their grave. Well after that Eu Lee and I just went for lunch, not too bad. … very home-style kind…yummm hmm for more photos, click here.

The gals Jinx is back from oz! 🙂 Hahaha and for good! Anyway Let me try to recall what else happened before I talk about Sunday…Last thursday after cycling at Ubin, I went to watch Enchanted AGAIN with Eu Lee before meeting Karen for dinner. And on Friday, after packing my room, I also can’t remember what I did. Some holiday eh? ULGH…hate it when I’ve a mental block.

My Pseudo Well I could remember after church and all, I had dinner w the guys…Pseudo, Keith and Sara… 🙂

Monday I went out with Mrs Chng at Parkway. It was really a good time chatting and catching up after not seeing her for a few years. She was updating me about the new Secondary school etc… 🙂 After meeting her, I went to meet Honfei in Orchard (Yes I flew down to Orchard in a cab). Caught up with him before I flew down to East Coast to have coffee with EuLee since we couldn’t find any decent place to canoe.

Charms and I On Tuesday, I went out with Charms for tea after having lunch at Jean’s place. For both of these gals, I had a great time just chatting and reliving the good times. I was just telling Charms that this is really the life, just chilling and living some tai-tai life. Hur hur…

Yummyyy After meeting her, I met Roy for dinner at Tiong Bahru. Pity some shops were closed but somehow I chose somehting so simple and well, safe. It’s nice nonetheless! We proceeded to walk to Chinatown for some snack before walking from Chinatown to City Hall, to Bugis, To Lavender and finally to Geylang where I threw in the towel and took a *surpirse surpirse* cab back home.

Wednesday, I went out with the brother (after lunch with Jean again) at Tampines. Afterwhich, I went night cycling with EuLee. It was raining and it was a great feeling to cycle in the rain 🙂 (although I am falling a little sick right now)

Thursday, I helped EuLee out with his shoot in the morning before I went shopping at Vivo with Daniel. Daniel and I ended up at Plaza Singapura before walking to Old School and then to Little India before taking a cab to shop in Tanglin and our last stop – Tau Hui at Rochor 🙂 Mannn…I must remember to get photos from him 🙂

Friday, I had breakfast with EuLee, yeah, he’s the only one who’s free all the time man. Every freaking one else was working or had to study. hahahah…. After breakfast at Katong, I met Ken for a while before meeting for tea with EuLee AGAIN.

bestiesFinally ended my day at Raffles Hotel for the Blancpain launch. We then headed to Portsdown for supper before I met Danny, Sara and Keith for a drink at the former Ken’s 🙂

Eventful week and a half I must say… right now I’m really drained. TGIS! And Monday’s back to work…Guess although I couldn’t go ANYWHERE this time round, it was good catching up with some people who’ve been missign in my life for a few months/years. And I reckon I wasted so much money on cabs, enough to suffice as a holiday 😛 AHAHAHAHAHA

Back to work on monday 😦


Adventures of the gay man and old man June 2, 2007

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By popular demand the request of the two guys, I’m supposed to put up THEIR handsome faces on my blog *shrug* Oh well… anyway met up with them in April (if I’m not wrong) and we were at St James Powerhouse. It wasn’t too bad but maybe I’m really getting old 😛

Smile for the camey! Too bad we didnt get a shot of well, all who were present. (I look a little burnt eh)

The high, old man Greg, the HIGH old man….

ahahaha Just a couple of us, with marky…

high old man again…while the high, old man seemed oblivious to everything else.

dancing partnersCarry me through…okok, he wasn’t that oblivious….he made us dance and carried me! 😛 hahahaha

A couple of us Yeah…it was a good night I must say. I’m glad marky still remembered me when he came down the other day 🙂 For more photos, click here.


The meetup, AGAIN. April 28, 2007

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The babes have been meeting up every single month, at least once a month. A couple of us meet up even more once a week. Well…I’m very glad to have met them in the very company that brought us together – we were all trainees then. Now, most of us have moved on already. 🙂 I’m a little sleepy so if whatever sentences didn’t make sense, please forgive me. The whole lot of us met up at Oosh – we chilled and well, caught up. I’m still very glad that we still meet up once in a while.

My new hairstyleGerri and CindyJuls and Avril6 of us The 6 of us were the first to arrive.

Then more joined us Then more people joined us. Hehe, which of course added to the loudness of our group. Think some patrons were quite irritated with us because we were sooooo noisy *shrug*

Avril Avril and her…well…erm…her addition condiment – I’m really trying hard not make it sound off.

Kawai! Kawai!!! Hahahaha…

A few more of us The former workers of THAT place.

Mocking me At the other end of the table, the girls were mocking me. They claimed that well, I always take photos the same way, with my head tilted to one side and beat this like some Japanese chick (posing with two fingers) but but…

hehehe ….oh well..if u can’t beat them, join them! 😉

ffoooorrr mooooreeee photos…click here!


Eat and be merry April 20, 2007

For the past few weeks since I’ve been out of a job (yes I’m still jobless), I have been meeting up with my girls. Last week (Friday), we met up to celebrate our dear Juls’ birthday. It wasn’t too expensive but hey…it’s the COMPANY that counts 😉 We ate at Botak Jones and it really wasn’t too bad.

Caesar Salad Caesar Salad ($5.00) – it was too creamy for my liking. But all of us wiped it out quickly because we were s-t-a-r-v-ing.

the reason why we were starving We were so hungry because we queued for almost 1/2 an hour. Ulgh.

Steak Steak with brown gravy ($14.00) – This was Juls’ choice which was good. I love steak but I wanted to try everything… so I ordered something else. Anyway the steak was tender and flavoursome. YUM

Cajun Chicken Cajun Chicken ($7.00) – I never knew chicken breasts could taste so good and juicy. This was Gerri’s choice, it’s a pity she didnt finish her food because I DID!!! 🙂

Rosemary Lamb Chops Rosemary Lamb Chops ($11) – This was my choice, and yes I LURVVEEEEEE and absolutely adore red meat. The lamb literally melts in your mouth because of the fats but hey…we’ve only one life each. *shrug*

Fish and Chips Fish & Chips ($10 – large portion) – Avril ordered this and we decided to get a bigger portion to try out the fish. This was…normal. I’ve nothing to add about it. I’d rather eat the Fish & Chips at Big Fish along Siglap.

Yeah this place wasn’t too bad I must say. We HAD to wait for another 1/2 an hour for the food. I’m not too sure whether I want to queue for my food. But I HAD TO try it because well… it’s an experience and since some of my friends were talking about this place. I give it a 7/10 (since it’s relatively cheaper than restaurants).

Botak Jones (Clementi)
Blk 325 Clementi Ave 5
Tel: 67741225

TCC We then headed to TCC HV for a cuppa each, where we started talking and talking…about everything and anything. It’s always nice to meet up with the gals, esp Gerri 😉

Catching up with the galsJust yesterday (Thurs), we met up with a couple more for drinks and dinner. It was a good time once again and I am lookin forward to meetign them again. I realised I’ve been spending quite a lot of time with the Nittan babes… what to do, we’re like super close. Last Sunday, before I went into camp (yes I’m like a blackie now), Christy came to my place and we had dinner together before meeting a special someone. It was also a good time to meet up with people whom you haven’t met in a while. For more photos, click here.

And after all these weeks, I can gladly say that I’m over being pissed and disappointed at my Managers in the previous company. I am really happy to be out of the shithole only because most of the managers have

1) no idea what they’re doing – even simple things like assuming. They have constantly assumed that I’ve done this and that and have accused me SEVERAL times of things I haven’t done. Haven’t they heard, to assume is making an ASS out of U and ME?

2) lied to me about ALOT of things – really…things about lying that my big boss hates me and wants me out of the company when in actual fact he wanted to lock me (and the 2 other gals namely Gerri and Juls) in and ONLY MERELY said that I was a little laid-back and needed pushing. EVEN IF this were a misunderstanding, how is it possible to have misunderstood so much from me needing a little pushing to the big boss (from Tokyo) wanting me out of the company? AND did they really think we would leave quietly and not find out from others about the truth?

3) isses about control (and lack the confidence in themselves) – after I tendered my resignation, the two managers pulled me and juls into the meeting room and threw their weight around (actually it’s only ONE manager who decided to be an ass), telling both of us ON A WEDNESDAY (when our last supposed day is FRIDAY) that the “higher management” were not happy that so many juniors were leaving so our so-called resignation was “pending”. And only when I clarified things with the Managing Director (MD) did I realise that that particular arsehole (PA) was just playing games with our minds.

4) no respect for the company – when Juls and I told that PA that we wanted to tell/confess to the MD that we lied not because we wanted our jobs back but only because he’s the boss and deserves to know, he told us that “it’s already over, why make the boss angry again?” and the worst thing that he sprouted out (and this is the crunch of it) was “ANYWAY, honesty is not the issue anymore”. If you have no respect for even the boss,….

5) no professionalism – from wanting to screw up their own clients to other things that I’d rather not talk about. I really cannot be bothered anymore.

Seriously…if more than 1/2 the batch of trainees left, it really spells and means that it’s really not the employees of the company, or at least the employees working at a Junior level. I’m just glad and I’m sure I’m speaking for all the people who left that we’re glad we’re out of the company. Initially I was really sad that things turned out this way especially because I KNEW that all the trainees wanted to make our company work out, but oh well… *shrug* If you have managers who constantly lie to cover their own asses, who are selfish enough to do whatever’s being listed above and managers who have no respect whatsoever for his subordinates, well…this company will fail, again.

I rest my case 🙂


It’s time for a Tiger

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TigerTiger! Just last Thursday, I met up with my cousin and his colleagues. One of his colleagues wanted to walk her dog so…we ended up at East Coast Park. I walked with him for a while, and tricked him into running but after less than 1 min, he would pant and give up.

Tiger! The dog’s name is Tiger. (He’s far from being a tiger… i mean he’s so passive and nua…I realise most of the dogs I know are given unappropriate names) I can’t remember what its exact breed is but all I know is…Tiger’s been overfed. He’s so fat!!!!! I am quite certain I could sit on him.

Cute! Hmmm… We had to move to Maccas because it started pouring. It was quite a letdown because well…we actually wanted to walk a distance, give Tiger, well…something to do.

Owner and Tiger Tiger’s owner watching out for him

Exasperated Tiger’s refusal to do almost anything made us really tickled. Guess he was too comfortable doing what he wanted to do. 🙂 Anyway we had quite a good day. For more photos, please click here.


Wanna join my club? April 11, 2007

I’ve been pretty busy, not with work but really just staying at home (especially when no one’s home) and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself. Of course the occasional “friendly” reminders from my head informs jabs me and politely tells screams at me to look for a job (grr…I HAVE BEEN ACTIVELY SENDINg OUT RESUMES!!!) Heh

Well.. nothing much to complain, since I’m out of a job 🙂 What I can say is I’ve been assigned a prestigous position of being the President of the Zuo Bo (Lan) Clan. Everyday after checking my emails, checking my mobile for missed calls, sending more resumes, checking my emails and checking my mobile for missed calls, (did I just repeat myself, gosh I’m getting forgetful), I embark on my daily regime of…doing nothing. Occasionally I stone, sometimes I doze off in my parents’ room (if it’s not too warm), and of late, I’ve been going out.

Let’s see…today I went for a short gym session with my Vice President of the Zuo Bo Clan. Well, being bestowed a task of handling many other fortunate zuo bo-ers, image is important. Moreover keeping fit is the way to go. Our secretary then informed us that we had to go for lunch with our dear mates from our previous work-and-treated-like-a-dog Clan. Later I have an appointment with a dear friend who is unfortunately…working. He was invited to the Oosh Opening Ceremony and he thought he might as well bring a person of high status to go with him – the President of the Zuo Bo Clan. 🙂

Yesterday, after an important meeting with a member of another unfortunate clan, I met up with the Vice President (Julia), the Secretary (Christie) and a mate of our previous work-and-treated-like-a-dog Clan. We had a good lunch, caught up on the latest happenings and shared certain tidbits of good news with one another. The Secretary and I went for a horrible movie thereafter (it’s called Sunshine. Please do not waste your time watching trash like that), before heading back to doing what I do best – Zuo bo. I spent the previous day (Monday) also catching up with the other members of the Zuo Bo Clan – we had Fish & Co and spent 2 hours productively did nothing. Sunday was spent sleeping and watching tv – Yes, the President of the Zuo Bo Clan has so much to do.

usWhat I can remember, doing on Saturday other than Cell Group, is going with the girls for lunch after gym. The food was good! Will write more about that later! (eeks..ugly photo alert)

Keith and IPseudo and I)Outing at Wala WAlas And on Friday, I went to Wala Wala’s with the lot. The music wasn’t too bad but for some reason it was too “rock” for me – gosh I’m getting old. The Band was the Unexpected (if i’m not wrong) and the drummer is like SOOOO DAMN COOOL!!!!

) And like I mentioned earlier, I had Indian food with my dear girls. This is as exciting as it gets, for my life at least.

I know being a Zuo Bo-er is hard work, especially with a lot more lined and planned up after you decide to join this club. After understanding what I do, like the occasional treats for myself (like orgasmic facials…) and the meetups with people, I’m sure you’re tempted… Well, why wait, what the hell, I’ll waive off registration fees and I’ll absorb all costs. Hence, to join the Zuo Bo Clan is FREE! Come on! Don’t be shy. You’ll also enjoy a lifetime supply of eating air, drinking tap water and living off your parents. That’s a good tradeoff and you should at least have a free trial. Call my secretary if you have any further enquiries. And lastly I end off with this quote from my good friend

“to be a zuo bo-er, you must first cut off ties with the other clans”

have a good day.

(for more photos click here)