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My KL Getaway May 3, 2008

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After going to Phuket (which I haven’t finished writing about), I needed another trip to recuperate from. That’s why I decided to go to KL with a couple of peeps. We planned it just about 1 mth back and we managed to agree on one weekend. It was a long time since I stepped into Malaysia. The last time was … in early 2006.

Anyway The ride was a painfully long- it was 6 hours of pure bum action. At least I got to watch two dumb movies along the way. All along I thought going to KL only took 2 hours, guess I mistook it for flying to Bangkok *grumble*

We finally arrived at Westin (after being tricked to get into the cab for 20 ringgit for a 10 min cab ride). Ms Lee helped us check in while I stood in awe of the hotel – it was soooo inviting and welcoming. The lighting was cosy and it made me wanna scream. Maybe I’m being overly dramatic here.

Taking random photos before heading up almost 35 storeys (or is it spelt as “stories”???)

Yeap we booked the Westin Executive rooms – the rooms were normal BUTTT we get to go to the lounge and sponge off (take drinks, they’ve cocktail hours, and foooodddd)

And did I mention that the view was spectacular? 🙂 My camera once again didn’t do justice to the view.

We took a breather at the lounge with juice etc before heading out.

We headed out after lazing around. First stop – Soo Kee Mee, this famous tze cha place that served, well, tze cha. I guess to put it simply, chinese dishes (I suppose). Ms Lee did the ordering while we waited in anticipation. As you can see, our dear Ms See here looked a little too eager for food.

Our first dish was wild vegetables fried in Sambal Blachan. It wasn’t too bad. After a while, my tongue felt numb so I let the rest of the girls finish up the vegetables.

We had horfun as well as the highlight of our first dinner – Prawn Sang Mee. It’s not just prawns, they are H-U-G-E prawns!!! The specialty of the place could most prob be this dish. Many around the world flock to KL for this. Anyway The 5 of us stuffed ourselves silly .

We managed to finish almost everything. But really, check out the size of the plate (for the Sang Mee) . Anyway if you can find your way around KL, you should give this place a try (and if all else fails, grab a cab to this place) it’s a little pricey but what the heck, u’ve BIGGGGGGGG prawns and it doesn’t really have much msg (trust me on tat):

No 14, Medan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 2148 1324

We wanted to dive straight into our next dinner but we decided to visit Ms Lee’s inlaws since we were so stuffed.

We had to walk through a few rows of dilapidation before reaching Ms Lee’s inlaws place. Imbi is slightly intimidating but well, it’s like Geylang I suppose – good food’s found where the area’s slightly more dodgy-looking. Even Ms Lee commented that it felt like a red-light district.

img src=”” alt=”” /> Food, food and more food!!! 🙂 We had bak kut teh after visiting Ms Lee’s inlaws. The bak kut teh was really not too bad (not too much msg) because it was tasty and had quite a flavour to it. We were looking around for erm..jis (translate tat from chinese) because the owner from SOO KEE MEE warned us from going to this bak kut teh place. The latter claimed that it was a little messy with pimps eating and patronising that particular store. We weren’t too fussed about that.

Yumzzzz…Anyway if you could, why not give it a try?

No 53-6 Jalan Barat, off Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2145 6416

We ended up walking back to the hotel. In Imbi itself I saw a couple of eating/hawker places but guess i can only go back next time if time and money allows me to.

Nope, we didn’t get lost. We just decided to take some random photos.

We ended up at this club below our hotel. It’s called Qba if I’m not mistaken.

Just a couple of shots before… Ms Low, Ms See and myself decided to call it a night while the rest of the babes partied the night away.

Cheng was nice enough to bring us around. I tell you these Malaysian drivers drive like a maniac!

We did a bit of shopping, not to mention eating at the Shopping Mall, Sungai Wang before heading to eat. Here u see a bunch of them buying kuay yummm

We managed to end up at Chinatown after 1.5 hours of driving because we got slightly lost. You see, Chengy is well, Malaysian but she’s from another state. So there you go!

We had a quick lunch before walking around in Petaling. Initially Cheng wanted to bring us to Jalan Pudu for lunch but we got lost for a while. Anyway at that stage I was getting a little irritable because of the weather so I was content just lazing and chatting with Cheng in the car while she figured her way around.

After lunch/tea, we headed back to the hotel for another round of food before heading out to Ms Lee’s friend’s place for dinner. It’s a nice quaint little place in KL itself. The decoration looked very typical of a Japanese house, clean and very “zen” hahahaha Too bad my photos don’t really do justice to the place. I must say that the food’s really good, well for the price we paid *embarrassed* Hopefully the photos will entice you to go there for yummy food!

First up – appetisers… I really had no idea what I was eating but it was good nonetheless 🙂 Only thing I know is that white blob on the wine glass – it’s sesame tofu(?) Argh I can’t remember now *mental note to self – get it from Ms Lee

If you go to a Japanese restaurant and not eat sashimi, what’s the point eh? 😉

After that, we had platters of sushi…

…and some broth…

.. and some fried delicacies followed by…

… really yummy, what tasted like wagyu beef..yummz…this was one of my facourite cos it really melted in your mouth (not in ur hands, hur hur)

Did I mention we had snow crab tooooooo?? 🙂

We washed down our dinner with yummy Sakura Ice cream.

We completed the night with our second desert – the chef. He came round our room and chatted with us a couple of occasions. Really nice dude. Apparantly he used to be one of the top Japanese chefs in Singapore when I was still a babe. No prizes for how old he is 🙂 If you really want to try really authentic, good Japanese food, why not give this a go :

Fukuya Authentic Japanese Cuisine
9, Jalan Delima , 55100 KL,

The next and last morning in KL, Pei Kei, her boyfriend and Cheng brought us out of KL to Selangor, south of KL via the Federal Highway. Their purpose – to let us eat the famous Klang Dry Bak Kut Teh. Klang seemed like a really sleepy town compared to the bustling city of KL but it served as a nice stark contrast to the constant towering skyscrapers which surrounded us the whole trip It was really yummy . We chatted some more, and had loads more tea before we headed back to KL for a leeeetle bit of s.h.o.p.p.i.n.g. We ended up at the The Pavilion Kuala Lumpur is the latest shopping mall to open in the Bukit Bintang area AND it was just opposite where we stayed 🙂

After shopping for a while, we ended up back at the hotel where I met up with Grace and we had a nice time catching up. I really haven’t seen her ages so it was good. Before I knew it we were bound to leave for the bus pickup location so I said my last goodbye to Grace before Cheng once again graciously drove us to the destination.

The KL trip was a short trip but really enjoyable one. I got to know some of my colleagues even more PLUS i met up with Cheng, whom I haven’t seen for ages! So overall it was a great, short-lived trip. I’m looking forward to my next trip and hopefully I wouldn’t have to wait long. Only thing is…I need donations to go to…Thailand, Australia and Hong kong. Any kind soul willing to contribute to the let-renzi-travel-around-asia fund? 🙂

For more photos pls click here


Royce Earl Grey Chocolates January 29, 2007

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During lunch duty today, my dear JG walked past me and handed me these little treats from Royce Chocolates. She warned me that it would taste…different. I tried it and my verdict: sedap niaaaaaa!!! Oh Oh Oh!!! And something else to die for…the chocolate-covered potato chips..yummm, a tinge of saltiness with an added kick of orgasmic sweetness……… *drool*

I wanted to check out the bloody website but it’s in Japanese. WHY CAN’T THEY HAVE A TRANSLATED WEBSITE, like any other company?? Ulgh. Kill me please.

Hehe..anyway for those who wanna taste one of these delicious bits of heaven, feel free to make your way to…

3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Mall

Have fun!


There is no love sincerer than the love of food. January 16, 2007

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Good quote by George Bernard Shaw. Indeed. Especially in the sunny island of ours, there’s nothing except good food that surround us. If you don’t love food, then there’s really nothing much else to like about Singapore. the way to go! After our little meeting on the 5th of Jan, the whole desk decided to have dinner at Newton. The whole food centre’s renovated, isn’t too bad. BUTTTTT there’s still this problem of touters. Can someone get rid of them pls!?

Newton Circus
Singapore 300000

Now you see it, now you dont! Wheeeee…. so much food! We managed to wipe out everything except whatever I bought…sniffles!

For more photos taken that night, click here.


Prelude to Christmas January 5, 2007

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We were asked to help to organise a Christmas Bash during Christmas Eve. So us girls made a trip to Ikea, grabbed decor stuff to …. decorate the church! =)

Tampines IKEA Tampines IKEA is HUGE!!! It’s a pity, though, that the whole building wasn’t properly utilised. I mean it’s so big, yet…. oh well…

IKEA Tampines
60 Tampines North Drive 2
Singapore 528764

Us girls... =) Decorating the place, the very next day…. it was 22nd Dec?


Christmas isn’t Christmas… January 4, 2007

A first long weekend in a while and on Christmas, I met up with my relatives for our usual meet-up.

Swenson's, United Square My customary lunch with the relatives. The group seems slightly smaller each year.

A couple of us My cousin, his gal and my grand aunt. My cousin, let’s call him lolo (that’s his nickname, been calling him that since I could remember), brought his girlfriend for the gathering. It was his first time bringing someone for our “inspection”. My dad HAD TO be the shit-stirrer, he joked, reassured her saying “don’t woooorrrry, you’re the first girl he brought to us” and dramatically winked at Lolo. Yeeeaaap, that’s my dad.

1st generation The first generation, having kopi.

Adults The parents of lot, also having kopi.

Ahhhh..the youngters...well, the older youngsters Us, with the chao extras. hehee… The older youngsters. Ah, we’re finally growing up.

Coffee sessions Coffee sessions with my cousins, what more can I ask for?

Just us... FINALLY. A decent shot of just us. I can’t wait to see them end January again. I love them!!!

With the boys Out with the boys at night. FIRST TIME, in a long while, that I’m taking a photo with Keith (with another person in the photo – he hates taking photos in threes) Anyway we were at the M Hotel, having ala carte buffet. It wasn’t too bad, considering, it was friggin 60 bucks per person!!! Heh, but because it’s dear Mr Loy’s birthday, I thought of being nice to the birthday boy – treated him lor.

A year older! A year older, a year wiser Mr Loy!!!

My Pseudo Boyfriend for now...hahaha! Mr R Lim and I =) He’s one of my great buddies who helped me through last year! Love ya!!!

Yeah, so there, I ended my Christmas on a mellow note. We were at the Wine Company along Dempsey Road for an hour or so before we headed home. NIceeeeee….I mean I thoroughly enjoyed my Christmas. Christmas isn’t Christmas without your friends and family. =)

The Wine Company @ Dempsey
Block 14-3, Dempsey Road
S’ 249688

For more photos, click here.