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Bitterness tastes awful. April 29, 2007

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“Bitterness profits no one. It definitely doesn’t profit me. It’s not part of my character. Sure, I went through it – but I’m human. But I overcame that.”

I’m sure James Miller had it worse because he served 25 years of his prison sentence and subsequently was cleared of rape because of new DNA evidence. This was quite inspiring to me at least and I’m glad I came across this in the newspapers today. And for Miller, he really got it worse. I cannot even try to imagine being in prison for a day (for one I’m still slightly afraid of the dark). His ability to forgive and forget amazes me.

Well… like I mentioned in my previous entry about my previous workplace, I’m over being bitter – it really doesn’t help anyone anyway. I’ve moved on already and well…it’s really no use harbouring anything against anyone. Ultimately if you do that, well… you’ll be the ONLY feeling the effects of feeling pissed at others. It’s really no use. Anyway in Pastor Yang’s sermon today, it really hit me and he challenged all of us for the 40-day-fast of not criticising. I will try.

🙂 Oh oh…last but not least (yes I’ve saved the best for last) Praise God! I’ve got a job! WhhhhhhEEEEEeeeee Heheh…