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Must try, won’t die! April 5, 2007

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Damn it… had to make that rhyme. 😛

Well, since I became jobless (officially unemployed), I’ve been going for suppers almost everyday. Gosh, I’m going to gain weight if this continues. Anyway yesterday after camping at Maccas for a good 1 hour (and waiting for another hour for Joe and Jon before that), we decided to go for our second round of supper. *groan* beat that…second SUPPER. Gosh… Sigh…

Supper was quite worth it. I didn’t manage to take any phoos though. I mean, the crispy yam thingie is different from those conventional shops – it’s actual bite-size and you won’t actually feel sick from eating the sweet, salty delicacy. It’s crispy on the outside and goey on the inside. YUM! Oh! And another thing to mention is its chee cheong fun (CCF). The CCF is quite unique, compared to the normal CCFs you find in those HK restaurants – the sauce has a good salty flavoursome taste to it with just the right amount of thickness. And the home-made sweet chilli sauce (provided on the side) provides a good compliment to it. YUMMMMMMMMYYYY!!! Another reason why you should go try this place is because it’s quite affordable. Oh oh…anddd anddddddd it’s in the heart of Geylang, so if you’re STILL hungry and are craving for a second, or even third round of supper, you can always skip around the other odd-numbered streets to grab some more to eat 😉

Go try it… especially at night, since the weather in SIngapore can get a little warm during the day.

126 Eating House
No 126 Sims Ave
Singapore 387449

Go…! Try it!