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bo chap is ze middle name

work, work, work…that’s all we do eh? December 13, 2007

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nothing much to say…work’s making us adults hur hur…

i dun wanna grow up…

i dun wanna deal with events like departures/deaths, anniversaries, responsibilities…

it’s too much…

And basket! My stupid workplace blocks EVERYTHING. Especially when you’re bored and you want to take a rest, you can’t access almost all blogs, picture sites and mobile subscribers…booooooo…boo to red-tape…boo to work… i wanna find a rich boy and marry him and spend the rest of my life…actually i really won’t know wat to do if i’m not working…forget that. Eitherways…boo to red-tape, boo to surveillance, boo to whatever else there is.

I’m so nonchalant these days i disgust myself 😛


An eventful 1.5 weeks. December 1, 2007

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I’m soooooooo tired. In fact I think I’m more tired than when I first started off with my leave. But of course I won’t complain any further for the fear of being stoned. hahahaha

breathtaking After my yummy dinner w Avril and a few others and my first ENCHANTED movie the night before, I woke up bright and early to make my first trip to PULAU UBIN! It was my first time and yes…i’m a suaku no more! Well this lake took my breath away. The lake was CLEAR and well, I don’t suppose you’ll see this anywhere else in Singapore, no? Isn’t it beautiful?

Everyday is a winding road Yeah, I was trying to catch up with EuLee more often than not, especially when we were going up slopes.

Watching the roadTechniques of cycling Renzi’s techniques for cycling. First, try not to fall down…Second, if you do fall, do it with grace 😛

Ginseng?? It was a good time, especially when we dropped by this shop. This uncle was explaining to a few of us the medicinal values of certain roots, plants (like the roots in the pictures, apparantly they have qualities of cleansing the blood). VERY VERY INTERSTING. Sadly I reckon most of this people who lead really simple lives have so much knowledge but very few will be passed down to the next generation – most of it will remain with them in their grave. Well after that Eu Lee and I just went for lunch, not too bad. … very home-style kind…yummm hmm for more photos, click here.

The gals Jinx is back from oz! 🙂 Hahaha and for good! Anyway Let me try to recall what else happened before I talk about Sunday…Last thursday after cycling at Ubin, I went to watch Enchanted AGAIN with Eu Lee before meeting Karen for dinner. And on Friday, after packing my room, I also can’t remember what I did. Some holiday eh? ULGH…hate it when I’ve a mental block.

My Pseudo Well I could remember after church and all, I had dinner w the guys…Pseudo, Keith and Sara… 🙂

Monday I went out with Mrs Chng at Parkway. It was really a good time chatting and catching up after not seeing her for a few years. She was updating me about the new Secondary school etc… 🙂 After meeting her, I went to meet Honfei in Orchard (Yes I flew down to Orchard in a cab). Caught up with him before I flew down to East Coast to have coffee with EuLee since we couldn’t find any decent place to canoe.

Charms and I On Tuesday, I went out with Charms for tea after having lunch at Jean’s place. For both of these gals, I had a great time just chatting and reliving the good times. I was just telling Charms that this is really the life, just chilling and living some tai-tai life. Hur hur…

Yummyyy After meeting her, I met Roy for dinner at Tiong Bahru. Pity some shops were closed but somehow I chose somehting so simple and well, safe. It’s nice nonetheless! We proceeded to walk to Chinatown for some snack before walking from Chinatown to City Hall, to Bugis, To Lavender and finally to Geylang where I threw in the towel and took a *surpirse surpirse* cab back home.

Wednesday, I went out with the brother (after lunch with Jean again) at Tampines. Afterwhich, I went night cycling with EuLee. It was raining and it was a great feeling to cycle in the rain 🙂 (although I am falling a little sick right now)

Thursday, I helped EuLee out with his shoot in the morning before I went shopping at Vivo with Daniel. Daniel and I ended up at Plaza Singapura before walking to Old School and then to Little India before taking a cab to shop in Tanglin and our last stop – Tau Hui at Rochor 🙂 Mannn…I must remember to get photos from him 🙂

Friday, I had breakfast with EuLee, yeah, he’s the only one who’s free all the time man. Every freaking one else was working or had to study. hahahah…. After breakfast at Katong, I met Ken for a while before meeting for tea with EuLee AGAIN.

bestiesFinally ended my day at Raffles Hotel for the Blancpain launch. We then headed to Portsdown for supper before I met Danny, Sara and Keith for a drink at the former Ken’s 🙂

Eventful week and a half I must say… right now I’m really drained. TGIS! And Monday’s back to work…Guess although I couldn’t go ANYWHERE this time round, it was good catching up with some people who’ve been missign in my life for a few months/years. And I reckon I wasted so much money on cabs, enough to suffice as a holiday 😛 AHAHAHAHAHA

Back to work on monday 😦