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We ARE getting older July 21, 2007

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I was blog-surfing after a LOOOOOONG time since I really don’t have much of a mood to use the computer after work and guess what? My dear gao, our beloved class monitor, wrote about well…jc life. It really did bring back fond memories. What I could remember clearly was just having endless amounts of fun, the really jack-ass kinds. Hahaha… I mean, who wouldn’t have fun with people like my dear ah-pa (jon teo), gaothebao and even my dearest geok pei? When gao mentioned about pissing outside the PE teacher’s room, it really brought me back through memory lane because i was present! No..i wasn’t watching him pee (why would I anyway) but I was watching out for teachers 😛 HAHAHAHA oh well… i looked weird in jc man… ulgh hahha and even in secondary sch….ulghh

ulgh Check out this photo I took (on the left) in secondary 4! what theeeeeee….kill me someone…i actually really look like conan (my nick in jc)…bleah! (do i look different? these two photos are 8 years apart btw)

Anyway as I was saying…Jc, secondary school seemed like a long time ago. Seconds become minutes, minutes to hours, hours to days, days to weeks, weeks to years…It’s been a decade since I was in Secondary School. How scary’s that. Soon enough most of my friends will get married and yeah…time flies scarily quick. Sigh… I wanna go back to the good old days of pure playing!!!

Speakin of playing…a couple of us were out playing last night. Karen, gao, nic and I were at Zouk rubbing shoulders and dancing with smelly army boys, skantily-clad chicks,… 🙂 hHAHAHAH it has been quite some time since we partied and boyyyy we’re really getting old. Sigh… hahah,,,, but it was a good time i must say, watching gao dance (with his signature moves), hot nic dancing away and my best friend dancing next to me…does bring back alot of memories…what else can I ask for?


Some people are just beyond me. June 23, 2007

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Really…today I was this close to swearing. Maybe I had quite a long day at work, or maybe I was already slightly irritated by certain antics of someone at work but man, someone almost made me swear a string of I would say, not-so-nice-words. As many would know, especially Mr Loy (because he tried SOOOOO hard to make me swear), I haven’t really been swearing. So this person really almost pushed me to…well…yeah…Keith…if u wanna make me swear, learn from this person. 🙂

One saving grace of today…well 2 actually… I met up with two of my boys, wait… I met up with Dom first. And I actually saw TWO of my loves on the streets (my cousin and Pseudo). I really had a good time with Dom, catching up with him and of course, getting a present for a dear friend of mine. I also met up with Ken. 🙂

Another thing tat made my day is…I’m officially unemployed! I’m officially a Zuo Bo-er…….for 2 days! hahahaha Hopefully the future would be better and yeah..too lazy to type anymore. zzz

Good night world.


Surprising SMS March 23, 2007

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I was talking to this friend on MSN just 10 min ago and I expressed that I was unhappy about certain things. Minutes later (because I was busy and didn’t reply him) he texted me from OZ and said

Take care darling 🙂 Cheer up. You look much better when you smile. You bring joy to others with your cheerful personality.

Awwww….Thanks so much Rongyao for the SMS. It did indeed make me feel better.


You will still be missed. March 11, 2007

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Hmm another year has passed. Today’s Mama‘s death anniversary, well at least it should be, since I overheard Mother talking to my other grandmother about her. It still feels like yesterday when well, I received the news via SMS from Mother, that Mama had passed away. 😦

Anyway today I went to the Travel fair with Nic. We spent less than 15 min there before we headed to the IT fair. I’m not really a techie so well, I just browsed through stalls, squeezing with at least 1/4 of the population of Singapore. It was CROWDED, and at least 10 people stepped on my toes. To make matters worse, there were no babes, nor hunks. Hahaha… I guess at least Nic did some shopping. This is just a passing remark but, somehow at some angles, Nic does remind me physically alot like Kangfei. I always have to shake my head and constantly tell myself that they are two different people. Oh well…Kangfei, you’ll be dearly missed, still, by many of your friends.


Jon Teo is my Ah-Paaaaa January 16, 2007

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The guys Also, on the 6th Jan, I met up with a couple of the AC guys (plus Karen). Then again, they consider the two of us guys, so yeah. There you go. Haven’t seen these chaps in AGES. They still haven’t changed much. Jon Teo hasn’t as well. Met him for some drinks before going to the pub outside my place for a round of beer BEFORE he came to my place and we chit-chatted and drank for the whole night/morning. Stupid idiot’s gone back to Sydney. I miss my guy bestie!!!


Happy New Year, pull your ear!!! January 15, 2007

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So damn belated, better late than never!!! 😉

Blading since a loooooooooong time ago In the morning, I went blading with Seann before we went swimming. Here’s Seanne helping me with my blades..whee

Highlight of the day MY highlight – dinner, sumptious dinner, with my favourite girlies from work. We made up for…our BKK trip.

WTF?! SIMI ?? SIMI??? See what see? Kwa simi kwa??? HAhahahaha…we were so not prepared when silly JS snapped.

Nicer photo Ahhh…a nicer shot! hahahaha Silly JS didn’t wanna take any photos with us that day.

Soooooo... I sneaked a shot So I sneaked a shot of her.

Yeah…I ended my day with Incest friend and Seann. The day went on pretty smoothly. First day…hmmm

For more photos, click here.


Christmas Eve’s Eve January 8, 2007

Ahh..that’s the day that changed so much of my life the year before but oh well, that’s the past. Anyway before I met Jackie, I caught up with my two favourite boys (it’s soooo hard to get Alvin nowadays…zzz)

My favourite boys Caught a movie with the boys before we wandered around. We managed to see the beautiful display of lights and deco in Taka. =)

Mont Blanc wallet for me pls!!! I then met up with Dom and Karen. We searched hi and low for a suitable wallet for Dom’s dear. Guess where we were!? Hahaha… No prizes for that. One funny moment’s when Karen exclaimed “WAHHHHH…can I be your girlfriend ah,…so you can buy me a nice wallet”. I turned to Dom and said, almost sheepishly, “ermm…I can’t say that because you’re my ex!” HAHAHAHAHAHAH

My boys Another two of my favourite boys. Hehehe… YEap…after shopping, we met up with Jon Teo as well. One of my first times meeting him since he was back. ($#*@$&#@($

It was indeed a tiring day. I met up with my Secondary school mates, my JC friends and my Uni buddies. =)

For more photos taken on a very memorable day (including Jackie’s photos), click here.