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CNY Part 2 March 23, 2007

Aunty Mary and I On the second day of Chinese New Year, I went to visit Terrence and his mum. Pity I only stayed for a short while because I had to go back like after an hour.

Terrence's Dog I love Princess!!! 🙂 It’s Terrence’s dog hahaha

Family Family Portrait.. Mum was complaining I didn’t put on makeup..zzz… can’t be bothered lah.

) We visited Aunty 3 (one of my grandaunts) before a couple of the guys came to my place to gamble heheheheh

Yeah…the rest of CNY was spent playing MJ, cards…can’t really remember what else I did.

GO and II only remember going for the premier of Ugly Betty with GO. HAhahaha…

Class 95's Yasmin And it was disappointing because we thought we could actually meet stars, the only person close to that was Yasmin from Class95. Oh well..*shrug*

for more photos… here…


Chinese New Year (Part/Day 1) March 21, 2007

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Yes, I’m a tad bit late but…oh well…it’s my blog. *shrug*

First batch of visitors The usual visitors who came early, were early this year. 😛 Nothing much to say about that. I did miss Persis there and then because she was in Oz.

The Yow Family The dog’s sooooo damn adorable, even more brother was playing with it. (Note: it had like a chinese outfit on him.)

Aunty One of my nannies when I was younger.

Like Family Like Family – Ever since I could remember, this family visits us EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Well… even when mama passed away. 🙂 With my limited cantonese I could piece together the story my grantaunt was relating to the rest that she was the middle person for my Aunt and Uncle…nice…

GamesCousins Unite! After the first batch of visitors, I waited an excruciating maybe 3 hours, before my cousins came! 🙂 We played cards, watched videos…just chilled.

Customary Dinner Sigh…we’re still sitting at the ‘kids’ table. Do we look like kids still???

Cousin Portrait Taking a photo before going off to watch a movie (without the brother).

Yeah..that’s the end of the first day 🙂 It’s always good to see, catch up with family and friends. It feels like only yesterday when I remember running around during CNY, esp when there were tons of ppl in my house. It’s a little quieter lately…guess after mama‘s passing, some of those irritating relatives dont really bother. Oh well *shrug* at least well there are a handful who still make the effort to meet up. More photos click here.


Long Overdue March 12, 2007

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UsSuper backdated…….. hahaha this was taken just before CNY. 🙂 It was taken on CNY eve’s eve. We sent Jingx off. Hmmm We’ll miss you gal!

My keychains And just before Chinese New Year, one of my grandaunts offered to count how many keychains I had. It was a disappointing number. So much for even claiming I wanted to collect 1000 before I turned 21….ARGH…I’M ALREADY COMING 24!!!

Venus Oh, Karen and I had our usual CNY Eve drinks. This time round, it was a tamer version of last year (I was close to drunk in CNY Eve)… We were at Starbucks drinking….coffee 😛 We then headed to her place where we played with two dogs, one of which is Venus (Karen’s Sis’ dog)… she’s sooo adorable. I love Schnauzers…!!

For more photos taken before CNY, click here. And ermm… *embarrassed* for CNY photos, I’ll come back with that later…when I upload them hahahahah


Rendezvous in Chinatown! February 28, 2007

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Many people celebrate Vday with their loved ones, so did I. I went out with a couple of the boys AND someone special came to join the party – Daryl! It was really exciting not only because I could meet up with some good friends, I also met my good friend who decided to FINALLY come down to Singapore. Anyway we were quite lucky (I feel that anyway, since I don’t think I can find anyone else to go with me to Chinatown) to find ourselves in the midst of the festivities – Chinese New Year that is. We had our dinner in Maxwell before we proceeded to Club Street.

Old school Back to the old school days – actually earlier than my time. 🙂 While making my way to the main part of Chinatown, there were many other well, stalls set up along the whole pathway of the Chinatown Shopping Centers.

First date of the day My first date of the day, on V-day to be exact.

Festivities make me happy As I walked down the flight of steps, I was actually VERY excited. It could be just the atmosphere but…

I love it! I love it! I’m addicted to Pasar Malams.

Pseudo! Pseudo talking to a lady about nian gao (literally and loosely translated: year cake, in chinese)

Pseudo BoyfriendVerbally abusive boyfriend) Had a rendezvous with my 3 boys, namely Pseudo Boyfriend, Verbally abusive boyfriend and My one and only Shy boy. 🙂

Adventures of Shy Boy and Introverted GirlAdventures of Shy Boy and Introverted Girl – We were both trying to be well, each other (ie I tried being shy, and he, Introverted) but we failed miserably. I guess, we can only be ourselves 😉 I will always be introverted.

Scoldings galore Erm..told them really supposedly terrible news…and well, had a really bad scolding from them. 😦 And almost immediately, they set up the FAK club hahahahah

WHOO!! And guess who decided to drop by? 🙂

) HAHAHAHAHHA…. after dinner, we literally relac one korner, and the both of us just filled each other in on our lives. It was really a good time catching up. One night wasn’t enough but oh well, beggars can’t be choosers right? Anyway I was really glad that I could see a good friend after, what, 2 years! 🙂

For more photos of my special V-day, click here.


LURRRRVEEEE is in the air February 20, 2007

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*cough cough* the musky air of lurveeeeee was all arounddd.

awwwwwww “ARE THOSE FOR ME”. *gasp* hahahah nah la…on Vday, a couple of flowers were being delivered to GO, well, we HAD to poke fun and muck around!

ST and SB Even SB and ST joined in the fun.

Welllll…nothing much happened to me on Vday, only…went out with the guys. =) Anyway have a happy Chinese New Year (whatever’s remaining of it) and a belated Vday!

I’m outta here. Going to play MJ *excited* TATATAATATATATA


I see red February 14, 2007

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Really, I do, literally. It’s crazy I tell you. In almost any shopping centre, you see red! The shopping centres, shops are brightly decorated with everything scarlet. It’s so bloody bright (hur hur no pun intended.) You see nothing but blooming, cherry, copper tones. You see clothes in burgundy blushes, shoes inflamed in fiery shades, books, confetti, water bottles…. Don’t even get me started on the Chinese New Year songs blasting and trying to attract any and everyone. Every shop, at least the majority, is preparing prepared for Chinese New Year AND Valentine’s Day. It’s almost an overkill!. I mean, they’re so overrated.

Chinese New Year. Almost all prices, especially anything that can be profited from (like bak kwa, haircuts, even clothes), are jacked up. Valentine’s Day shares the same similarity. Of course the difference is where the profits come from.

I mean look all around you. If you notice all florists have orders of bouquets spilling out of their shops. While I was walking past a florist (on my way to work), one of the workers from the florist was matching her orders against the bunches of flowers in front of her.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not against anyone who celebrates it. AND I’m definitely not some bitter chick who doesn’t like Vday because no one gives me flowers etc, I just don’t like the idea that it’s so damn commercialised. I also do not like the fact that SO MANY people (*looking at the male species*) only treat their other halves, so-called loved ones specially nice ONLY on that day. It doesn’t make ANY sense to me, no?

I guess, that’s why in all my years (with anyone, like dom and ken), I don’t accept things especially on Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t mean anything to me, and serves no purpose. Well, if I want to be treated nicely, I’d rather be happy on ANY OTHER DAY other than Vday. 🙂 I would feel more special. I mean, I wouldn’t wanna be just like any other girl on the streets today, looking so elated.

That’s just me I guess 😉